Orchestral Recording Recommendations
by Jeffrey Sward
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos Goebel
Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra Boulez (CSO), Kocsis, Reiner
Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion, Celesta Kocsis, Reiner, Solti, Fricsay
Bartok: Divertimento Solti, Dutoit
Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin Abbado, Schwartz, Dohnanyi, Dutoit
Bartok: Orchestral Works Kocsis
Bartok: Complete String Quartets Emerson, Alban Berg
Beethoven: Complete Symphonies Gielen, Abbado (BPO), Dohnanyi , Toscanini (RCA)
Beethoven: Overtures Zinman, Harding
Beethoven: Complete String Quartets Emerson, Cleveland
Berg: Lulu Suite Rattle
Berg: Orchestral works Abbado
Berlioz: Orchestral Works Munch
Berlioz: Overtures Munch, Zinman, Dutoit, Paray, Gibson
Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique Munch, Paray, Dohnanyi, Zinman
Bizet: Juex d'enfants Haitink
Bizet: L'Arlesieenne Suites Tortelier, Dutoit
Brahms: Serenades Boult, D'Avalos, Haitink (Con)
Brahms: Symphonies Berglund (COE), Jankowski, Wand, Muti, Toscanini
Borodin: Complete orchestral works N. Jarvi
Borodin: Polovtsian Dances Mackerras
Debussy: La Mer Paray, Dutoit, Boulez
Debussy: Nocturnes Paray, Haitink, Boulez
Debussy: Jeux Boulez, Saraste
Debussy: Afternoon of a Faun Paray, Saraste, Boulez
Debussy: Printemps Saraste, Munch, Boulez
Debussy: Images Boulez, Saraste, Munch
Delius: All orchestral works Mackerras
Dukas: Orchestral works Lopez-Cobos
Dvorak: Complete Symphonies Suitner, Kubelik
Dvorak: Tone poems, overtures, legends, slavonik dances Kubelik, I. Fischer, Mackerras
Elgar: Enigma Variations Zinman, Mackerras
Falla: Amor Brujo Stokowski
Frank: Le Chasseur Maudit Munch, Lopez-Cobos
Frank: Symphony in D minor Munch, Lopez-Cobos
Grieg: Peer Gynt Complete Bloomstedt
Grieg: All orchestral works N. Jarvi
Grofe: Grand Canyon, Mississippi Felix Slatkin
Handel: Messiah Solti, Davis C. (Philips 1966), Shaw
Haydn: Complete Symphonies Naxos Set
Haydn: Individual symphonies as available Orpheus, Rattle, Jochum
Hindemith: All orchestral Works Neschling, Albert, Steinberg
Hindemith: Mathis der Maler Neschling, Steinberg, Ormandy
Holst: Planets Jurowski, Steinberg, Mackerras, C. Davis (BPO) , Boult, Stokowski
Honneger: Pacific 231, Rugby, Mvt 3 Scherchen, Zinman
Ippolitov-Ivanov: Caucasian Suite Zinman
Ives: Symphony holidays Johanos, Zinman
Ives: Three places Dohnanyi, Zinman
Ives: Symphony #1 Ormandy, Sinclair
Ives: Symphony #2 Sinclair, Mehta
Ives: Symphony #3 Marriner, Sinclair
Ives: Symphony #4 Dohnanyi
Ibert: Escales Paray, Dutoit
Ibert: Divertissement Kunzel, Dutoit, Tortelier
Ibert: Paris Symphony Dutoit
Janacek: Sinfonietta Ancerl
Kodaly: Harry Janos, Peacock, Galanta N. Jarvi, I. Fischer
Liadov: Orchestral works Pletnev
Mahler: Complete Symphonies (1-9) Gielen, Nott, Inbal, Solti, Kubelik, Haitink, Bertini, Tennstedt
Mahler: Symphony #10 Lopez-Cobos, Inbal
Mahler: Individual symphonies as available Dohnanyi
Mendelssohn: Midsummer Complete Dausgaard, D'Avalos, Vonk, Kubelik
Mendelssohn: Overtures Dausgaard, D'Avalos
Mendelssohn: Sympony #3 Dohnanyi (Clev)
Mozart: Complete symphonies Mackerras, Tate
Mozart: Overtures Vonk, Marriner
Mozart: Serenades Orpheus
Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain (arr. Stokowski) Stokowski (lp4), Kunzel
Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain Reiner, Saraste, Steinberg
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition Reiner, Maazel, Slatkin
Nielson: Complete Symphonies Berglund, Blomstedt
Nielsen: Aladdin Suite Willen
Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne Solti, Kunzel
Orff: Carmina Burana Shaw
Prokofiev: Complete Symphonies N. Jarvi, Kuchar
Prokofiev: Lt. Kije Abbado (LSO)
Prokofiev: Scythian Suite Abbado (LSO), Dorati, Weller
Prokofivev: Love for Three Oranges Suite Steinberg
Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet complete Petrenko, Maazel, Ozawa
Prokofiev: All other Ballet Suites N. Jarvi
Rachmaninov: Complete Symphonies Jansons
Rachmaninov: Tone Poems Reiner, Slatkin (Vox Box), Petrenko
Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe complete Munch, Boulez, Martinon, Chung
Ravel: Complete Orchestral works Abbado (LSO), Dutoit
Respighi: Ancient Airs, Trittico, Birds Orpheus, Lopez-Cobos
Respighi: Brazilian Impressions Lopez-Cobos
Respighi: Church Windows Lopez-Cobos
Respighi: Pines, Fountains, Feste Lopez-Cobos, Dutoit
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade Jansons, Bakels, Stokowski (Lp4), Kempe, N. Jarvi
Rimsky-Korsakov: Complete Symphonies Bakels, N. Jarvi
Rimsky-Korsakov: Suites N. Jarvi, Zinman (Rott), Steinberg
Rossini: Overtures Orpheus, Abbado (COE), Pido
Rossini-Respighi: Boutique Noseda, Lopez-Cobos. Fiedler, Dutoit
Rossini-Respight: Rossiniana Dorati (Lp4)
Schoenberg: Five Pieces Dohnanyi, Levine
Schoenberg: Begleitmusik op. 34 Zender, Yuasa, Rattle, Boulez (Sony), Bour
Schoenberg: Variations, op. 31 Solti, Bour, Gielen
Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht Orpheus
Schubert: Complete symphonies Muti
Schubert: Lieder Baker
Schubert: Symphony #9 Munch
Schumann: Complete symponies Beermann, Zinman (Tonhalle), Muti, Dohnanyi
Shostakovich: Complete symphonies Petrenko, Barshai, Jansons, Haitink
Shostakovich: Jazz Suites Yablonsky
Sibelius: Complete symphonies Berglund (COE), Gibson, N. Jarvi (BIS), Saraste
Sibelius: Tone Poems Gibson, Saraste, Jochum, Vanska
Sibelius: Lemminkainen P. Jarvi, Saraste
Sibelius: Night Ride Jochum, Saraste, P. Jarvi
Smetana: Ma Vlast Kuchar, Berglund
R. Strauss: Complete orchestral works Kempe, Reiner, Roth, Zinman
R. Strauss: Alpine Symphony Haitink, Solti, Kempe, Previn, Roth, Welser-Most
R. Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra Steinberg, Solti, Reiner, Bloomstedt (SF), Kempe
R. Strauss: Bourgeois Gentilhomme Orpheus
R. Strauss: Don Juan Abbado (Lon), Kempe, Reiner
R. Strauss: Don Quixote Kempe, Toscanini, Slatkin, Roth , Zinman
R. Strauss: Heldenleben Kempe, Weigle, Reiner, Solti
R. Strauss: Macbeth Jankowski, Roth, Kempe, Zinman
R. Strauss: Metamorphosen Dohnanyi, Kempe, Roth
R. Strauss Rosenkavalier Waltzes Steinberg, Jochum, Kempe
R. Strauss: Symphonia Domestica DeWaart, Kempe, Roth, Zinman
R. Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel DeWaart, Zinman, Steinberg, Bloomstedt (SF), Haitink, Roth, Solti
R. Strauss: Tod Und Verklarung Maazel (Lp4), Zinman, Reiner, Toscanini, Steinberg, Bloomstedt (SF)
Stravinsky: Sacre du Printemps Dutoit, Boulez (Clev), Jansons, Haitink (BPO)
Stravinsky: Petrouchka Jansons, Haitink (BPO), Boulez (Clev)
Stravinsky: Firebird (complete) Stravinsky, Davis, Dorati (Detroit 1984), Haitink (BPO), Saraste, Boulez
Stravinsky: Le Historie Schwartz, Atherton , Boulez
Stravinsky: Octet Salonen
Suppe: Overtures Paray
Tchaikovsky: Complete symphonies, tone poems Jansons, Muti, Abbado
Vaughan Williams: Complete Symponines Boult, Haitink
Verdi: Overtures Muti, Abbado
Vivaldi: Four Seasons Shaham-Orpheus, Carmignola-Marcon-Venice
Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen (complete) Levine (DG), Solti
Wagner: Ring excerpts Tennstedt, Schwarz
Wagner: Overtures Jansons, Solti
Wagner: Siegfried Idyll Orpheus, Steinberg
Weber: Overtures Kantorow
Webern: Im Sommerwind Chailly, Gielen, Ormandy, Roth
Webern: All orchestral works Dohnanyi, Boulez and others (Complete DG)
Weill: Kleine Dreigroschen Musik Schenck, Chicago Pro Musica
Performers are chosen by interpretations close to composer's intention, details audible in recording, performance quality.  Multiple performers are shown in sequence by preference.  When multiple recordings are available for a performer, further identification is in parenthesis.  In nearly all cases, the most recent recording is preferred.
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