Windows 10 Settings Which Need To Be Reset After Major Release
by Jeffrey Sward
  1. Power settings - start up clock and usb detection
    1. => power options (icon on control panel) => choose what the power buttons do link in left column) => => change settings which are currently unavailable => unchecked turn on fast startup
  2. Manually add resolution to cintiq monitor 1920x1080
    1. => turn on and connect monitor => desktop => nvidia control panel => make sure wacom is selected => display => change resolution => customize => create custom resolution => 1920x1080 => save => back => select
  3. Privacy - check all settings
    1. => settings (gear icon) => privacy => click every item in left column and check settings on right
  4. Check notifications
    1. => settings (gear icon) => system => notifications and actions
  5. Reassign color profile to wacom monitor
    1. => color management (icon on control panel) => select wacom monitor => use most recent swine setting => no color setting on main monitor
  6. Restore fonts which may have been destroyed
    1. There is now a windows font cache which is separate from the actual fonts in the windows\font folder. The font cache file may have been restored to contain only the default windows fonts.
    2. Method #1 - Tested - Working - reinstall all fonts from backup
      1. Note: the font files themselves are likely still in the windows\font folder.
      2. If a workable fonts folder backup is available, use it.
      3. Otherwise
        1. Create folder c:\oinkfonts
        2. From a dos window navigate to c:\windows\fonts
        3. While still at c:\windows\fonts execute xcopy *.* c:\oinktemp
        4. Open two file explorer windows
        5. In the freest file explorer window select all files in c:\oinktemp\ and click copy (or workable backup source if available)
        6. In the second file explorer window navigate to c:\windows\fonts\ and click paste
        7. Copying files back into this folder will generate a "font already installed" message. Check the apply to all files check-box and click install anyway.
    3. Method #2 - Tested - Not Working - rebuild the font cache directly:
      1. From the services window
        1. Stop Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
        2. Stop Windows Font Cache Service
      2. It may be necessary to grant permissions to folders in the following steps.
      3. in c:\ServiceProfiles \LocalService \AppData \Local and c:\ServiceProfiles \LocalService \AppData \Local \FontCache
        1. Delete files beginning with ~FontCache-.
      4. Restarting the services may suffice other wise reboot your computer. When Windows restarts, it will rebuild a new font cache. Now you should not see any misplaced or strange font's issues.
  7. Additional commands to get ownership of window fonts
    1. Attrib -r -s "c:\windows\fonts"
    2. takeown /f "c:\windows\fonts"
    3. icacls "c:\windows\fonts" /t /grant "authenticated users":(OI)(CI)F
  8. Installing new fonts or missing fonts may need to be installed in many places
    1. Try this first windows explorer original font file location - highlight - right click - install for all users
      1. Appears to place fonts in windows\fonts, main gui, suitcase, word list
      2. Not word preview, not users and not settings - personalization - fonts not font gui
    2. Fonts may appear after log off - log on
      1. This step appears to rebuild internal font caches
    3. Delete directly using beyond compare duplicate *_0.* files in windows\fonts
      1. This may leave duplicates in personalization - fonts but nowhere else - should ok - these duplicates may disappear after reboot
      2. Or these duplicates may be caused by the users copy
    4. If necessary copy to windows explorer C:\Users\xxx \AppData \Local \Microsoft \Windows \FontsControl panel - fonts
      1. After this step in personalization - fonts but doubled in gui but not in folderse
    5. From the services window it may be necessary to
      1. Stop and start Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache
      2. Stop and start Windows Font Cache Service
    6. Settings - personalization - fonts
    7. windows explorer windows/fonts
  9. Disable brush pop up menu with wacom tablet
    1. Control Panel (you may have to type it into cortana to bring up the desktop app)
    2. Pen and Touch
    3. Change Tablet Pen Settings
    4. double click Press and Hold > UNCHECK the box that says to enable press and hold function.
  10. Set windows explorer attibute column labels to the same for all folders of same type
    1. In Windows Explorer, configure the folder how you like it
    2. Click the File menu
    3. Select Change folder and search options
    4. In the Folder Options dialog, select the View tab
    5. Click Apply to Folders.
  11. Removing windows update patch
    1. In Windows Desktop Search type 'update history' then click 'View your Update history'
      1. Or use the gear for settings and select "update and security" and "view your update history"
    2. Select 'Uninstall Updates'
    3. On the Installed Updates dialog window, find and select KBxxx, click the Uninstall button
    4. Restart
    5. You can also download Windows Update troubleshooter /en-us/help /4026726 /windows-10-hide-updates-or-driver-updates , which will enable you to block updates proactively / stop it from reinstalling
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