Windows 10 Settings Which Need To Be Reset After Major Release
by Jeffrey Sward
  1. Power settings - start up clock and usb detection
    1. => power options (icon on control panel) => choose what the power buttons do link in left column) => => change settings which are currently unavailable => unchecked turn on fast startup
  2. Manually add resolution to cintiq monitor 1920x1080
    1. => turn on and connect monitor => desktop => nvidia control panel => make sure wacom is selected => display => change resolution => customize => create custom resolution => 1920x1080 => save => back => select
  3. Privacy - check all settings
    1. => settings (gear icon) => privacy => click every item in left column and check settings on right
  4. Check notifications
    1. => settings (gear icon) => system => notifications and actions
  5. Reassign color profile to wacom monitor
    1. => color management (icon on control panel) => select wacom monitor => use most recent swine setting => no color setting on main monitor
  6. tbd
    1. tbd

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