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Ephemera Photograph by Jeffrey Sward
Surveyor's marker buried in hole. (con0147a)

Surveyor's marker buried in 18-inch hole. Sometimes surveyors will bury their markers in a hole, especially in soil, in order to avoid disturbance over time. When an existing marker needs to be referenced, a new hole needs to be dug to uncover the marker. Of course, the surveyor needs to know in advance where the marker is buried in order to know where to dig the hole. If the surveyors already knew where the marker was, why was it necessary to dig it up? Probably because new surveys need to be based on the exact location of existing markers. As major league baseball umpire Tom Connally noted "maybe I called it wrong, but it's official." New surveys being done because an abandoned Elementary School is being dynamited in order to build new expensive houses. Two existing survey markers have been revealed in new holes, both under high power lines. The markers were placed in 1958.

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