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Ephemera Photograph by Jeffrey Sward

Antique Quick and Easy Can and Bottle Opener. Found this during an archeological cleanup. The back reads Vaughan Chgo 24, U.S.A. 64. It was manufactured by the Vaughan Novelty Manufacturing Company in Chicago. Vaughan claimed to be the "World's Largest Manufacturer of Can and Bottle Openers." Indeed, quite a large number of bottle, can, and wine openers were patented by Vaughan. This particular example was produced before 1963 since the introduction of ZIP codes occurred in 1963 and the address on the back uses the old custom zone system. Vaughan was founded in 1910 appears to have ceased operations around 1984. The demise of Vaughan was most likely trigger by introduction of pull tabs and screw tops. The every day items of yesteryear become the novelties of subsequent generations, just like clothes fashion. (cji00797803a)

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