American Roadside Attractions
selected by Jeffrey Sward
Quirky, weird, unusual, offbeat, and just downright fun American Roadside Attractions.
xxThe golden flamingo award is given to those attractions of exceptional concept and scope.   Photographic evidence for this attraction by Jeffrey Sward.
The silver cup award is given to food establishments of high culinary quality and road food concept.   Attractions which are now closed. Bid a fond farewell to these roadside friends.
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Ave Maria Grotto, Cullman, Alabama. Jerusalem in miniature, Concept and personal construction by Joseph Zoettl. Alabama.
Golden Flake Factory Tour, Burmingham, Alabama. See how we bag happines. Alabama.
Unclaimed Baggage Center , Scottsboro, Alabama. Lost treasures from around the world. Alabama.
Barrow, Alaska . Northernmost Point of the United States. Alaska.
King Eider Inn , Barrow, Alaska. It's a bird, not a monarch. Alaska.
Pepe's North of the Border , Mexican restaurant. Barrow, Alaska. Concept, planning, and supervision by Fran Tate. Alaska.
American Astronaut Wall of Fame at Meteor Crater , Winslow, Arizona. Arizona.
Austin's Old Fashioned Ice Cream , Tucson, Arizona. Nothing else quite like it since 1959 Arizona.
Bedrock City , Williams, Arizona. Wilma!! Arizona.
Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona. Where science lives. Arizona.
Burros Oatman, Arizona. Watch your step. Arizona.
Galaxy Diner , Flagstaff, Arizona. Neon. Arizona.
Grand Canyon , Tusayan, Arizona. World's largest natural ditch. Arizona.
Granny's Closet Restaurant, Flagstaff, Arizona. Look for the lumber jack. Arizona.
Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, Arizona. Ask for Max. Arizona.
Jack Rabbit Trading Post Joseph City, Arizona. Here It Is. Concept, planning, and supervision by Jim Taylor.
La Posada Hotel and Harvey House Restaurant , Winslow, Arizona. The last great railroad hotel. Restored. Arizona.
Little America Hotel , Flagstaff, Arizona. Penguins. Arizona.
Longhorn Grill, Amado, Arizona. Horns. Arizona.
Lowell Observatory , Flagstaff, Arizona. Ask for Mr. Pluto. Arizona.
Meteor Crater , Winslow, Arizona. Experience the impact. Arizona.
Painted Desert , Petrified Forest National Park, Holbrook, Arizona. Crayons. Arizona.
Painted Desert Inn , Petrified Forest National Park, Kachina Point, Arizona. Restored, but no room in the inn. Arizona.
Pima Air and Space Museum, Tuscon, Arizona. Ask about the boneyard tour. Arizona.
Sunset Crater Volcano , Flagstaff, Arizona. Lava flows. Arizona.
Thing, The , Between Benson and Willcox, Arizona. Tortured statues. Concept, planning, and supervision by Thomas Binkley Prince. Arizona.
Twin Arrows, Twin Arrows, Arizona. No trespassing. Arizona.
Two Guns, Two Guns, Arizona. Gunslinger painted on a water tower. Arizona.
Wigwam Village Motel , Holbrook, Arizona. Have you slept in a wigwam lately? Concept, planning, and supervision by Frank Redford. Arizona.
Wupatki National Monument , Flagstaff, Arizona. Fixer-uppers. Arizona.
Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 340 tons of concrete. Concept and personal construction by Emmet Sullivan. Arkansas.
Frog Fantasies Museum, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Personal collection of Pat and Louise Mesa. Arkansas.
Quigley's Castle, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Ozarks' Strangest Dwelling. Concept and personal construction by Elise and Albert Quigley. Arkansas.
Tiny Town , Hot Springs, Arkansas. No kits. Concept and personal construction by Francis John Moshinskie. Arkansas.
Alcatraz Island Tour , San Francisco, California. Welcome to the rock. California.
Amargosa Opera House and Hotel , Death Valley Junction, California. Dancing, not opera. Ask for a room with paintings on the walls. California.
Amboy , California. Historic Route 66 and Roy's Motel and Cafe. California.
Apple Pan Restaurant, Los Angeles, California. Quality forever. California.
Aztec Hotel , Monrovia, California. The principles of Mayan art and architecture applied to modern American buildings. California.
Badwater Basin , Death Valley, California. Lowest point in North America. California.
Barney's Beanery, West Hollywood, California. The epicenter for arts and culture California.
Baseball Reliquary , Monrovia, California. Rebels, rascals, and reprobates. Personal collection of Terry Cannon. California.
Benjies Deli, Santa Ana, California. Making guests smile. California.
Bono's Italian Restaurant and Orange Stand , Fontana, California. Route 66 classic since 1936. California.
Borax Visitor Center, Boron, California. Twenty mule team. California.
Bradbury Building, Los Angeles, California. Cast iron and brick. California.
Bunker Hill Subway Terminal Station , Los Angeles, California. Terminated. California.
Bunny Museum, Altadena, California. The Hoopiest Place in the World. Guinness world record. More than 33,000 bunny-related items. California.
California Theatre , San Bernardino, California.
California Route 66 Museum , Victorville, California. Road house becomes museum. California.
Casa Del Desierto, Barstow, California. Western America Rail Museum. California.
Castello di Amorosa Winery , Calistoga, California. Replica Medieval castle. California.
Coca-Cola Bottling Company , Los Angeles, California. Land locked ocean liner. California.
Cottage Restaurant, La Jolla, California. Southern California Cuisine at affordable prices. California.
Crystal Cove Shake Shack , Newport Beach, California. Date shakes. California.
Deer Park Winery and Automobile Museum , Escondido, California. World's largest collection of American convertibles manufactured since 1946. Personal collection of Robert Knapp. California.
Dinosaurs , Cabazon, California. One man makes a difference. Concept and personal construction by Claude Bell. California.
Donner Camp National Historical Landmark, Alder Creek , Truckee, California. Stay for lunch. California.
Dudley's Bakery , Santa Ysabel, California. Tasty treats warm from the oven. California.
El Garces Harvey House, Needles, California. Under restoration. California.
Exotic World , Helendale, California. Burlesque Museum. Personal collection of Jennie Lee . California.
Farmer John Packing Plant Murals , Los Angeles, California. Painted pigs on a slaughterhouse wall. California.
Flying Flags RV Resort and Campground, Buellton, Califormia. Stay in a vintage renovated Airstream trailer. California.
Forestiere's Underground Gardens , Fresno, California. Down under. Concept and personal construction by Baldassare Forestiere . California.
Fortune Cookie Factory Tour , Oakland, California. Wong is the right answer. California.
Fourth Avenue Pasta House Restaurant, Carmel, California. Exquisite balance. California.
Goodyear Blimp Airship Operations , Carson, California. Aerial ambassadors. California.
Gunther's Ice Cream , Sacramento, California. Jugglin' Joe. California.
Harbor House Cafe , Sunset Beach, California. Real malts. California.
Hearst Castle , San Simeon, California. Patty's granddad builds a ranch house. Call ahead for a tour. Concept, planning, and supervision by William Randolph Hearst California.
Hiller Aviation Museum , San Carlos, California. The flying platform. California.
Hot N Tot Restaurant, Lomita, California. Homestyle cooking. California.
Jack Ranch Cafe , Cholame, California. James Dean memorial. California.
James Dean Memorial Junction , highways 46 and 41, Cholame, California. "He's got to see us." Porsche 550 Spyder. California.
Joe Martin Foundation Museum and Machine Shop, Carlsbad, California. Over 300 metalworking projects exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship at the small end of the size scale. California.
Katella Deli Restaurant , Los Alamitos, California. Ask about the swans. California.
Lake Isabella , Kernville, California. Bring your boat. California.
Lake Tahoe , Tahoma,California. Deep. California.
LAX Theme Building, Los Angeles, California. Googie flying saucer. California.
Lawrence Welk Museum, Escondido, California. A one an a two. California.
Lookout Roadhouse, Lake Elsinore, California. So come visit us, relax and make yourself at home…you can't help but fit right in. California.
Los Angeles Coroner's Office and Gift Shop , Los Angeles, California. To those of us of dubious distinctive taste. California.
Lower Crystal Springs Dam , San Mateo, California. Cast concrete blocks. The largest dam of its kind at the time (1888). California.
Madonna Inn , San Luis Obispo, California. No two rooms alike. Concept, planning, and supervision by Alex Madonna. California.
McDonald's Historic Site , San Bernardino, California. Witness Sir Speedy being assassinated by Ronald McDonald. California.
Mecca Hills Wilderness , Indio, California. San Andreas fault through Painted Canyon Road. California.
Mendenhalls Museum of Gasoline Pumps and Petroliana, Buellton, California. Open occasionally. Call ahead. California.
Midway Sunset Oil Fields, Taft, California. North Midway Sunset unit is located along Highway 33 north of the town of Fellows. South Midway Sunset unit is located between Taft and Maricopa. Really big oil fields. California.
Mom's Pie House , Julian, California. Ask for the crumb top. Mom opens when she's good and ready and closes when she's sold enough. California.
Motel Inn , San Luis Obispo, California. World's first motel (motor hotel). California.
Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant , Buena Park, California. You know what is on the menu. California.
Musee Mechanique , San Francisco, California. mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines. Bring quarters. California.
Museum of Death , Hollywood, California. Art work by serial killers. Personal collection of Cathee Shultz and J.D. Healy. California.
Museum of Jurassic Technology , Culver City, California. A chain of flowers into the mysteries of life. Concept, planning, and supervision by David Wilson. Located in the historic Palms district of Los Angeles. California.
Musso and Frank Grille , Hollywood, California. Some place to eat. Since 1919. California.
Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California. Gravitational anomaly. California.
Nethercutt Museum , Sylmar, California. Functional fine art. Automobiles, mechanical musical instruments, and antique furniture. Personal collection of Merle Norman Cosmetics magnate J.B. Nethercutt. California.
Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, Joshua Tree, California. Difficult to find. Somewhat reliable directions are State 62, to north on Yucca Mesa Road, to east on Aberdeen Dr, to North on Center Ave, to east on Blair Lane. California.
Orange Empire Railway Museum , Perris, California. World's largest train junkyard. California.
Outpost Cafe, Oak Hills, California. Old school truck stop. California.
Perris, California. La Ville Lumière. California.
Philippe restaurant , Los Angeles, California. The Original. Since 1908. Home of the french dipped sandwich.
Pink's Hot Dog Stand , Hollywood, California. A Hollywood legend since 1939. California.
Randy's Donuts , Inglewood, California. The original bigger than life donut. California.
Rick's Roadside Cafe, Pinon Hills, California. At the Yucca Inn. California.
Rock A Hoola Waterpark, Newburry Springs, California. Ruins. California.
Rubel Castle, Glendora, California. A castle made of junk. California.
Salton Sea , Mecca, California. Hey Mel, how is that levee holding up? Oops. California.
Salvation Mountain , Niland, California. Hello. Make yourself at home. Concept and personal construction by Leonard Knight . California.
Santa Claus Statue, Oxnard, California Wears shades in summer. California.
Sequoia National Park , Three Rivers, California. Really big trees. California.
Shangri La Hotel, Santa Monica, California. Hotel designed as art deco ocean liner. California.
Shields Date Garden, Indio, California. The Romance and Sex Life of the Date. Since 1924. California.
Slab City , Niland, California. Squatters paradise. California.
South Belridge Oil Field, McKittrick, California. State Route 33 between State Route 58 and State Route 46. Just South of Ledo Hwy. Contractor Road. Really big oil field. California.
Stan's Donuts , Westwood, California. The world's best donuts since 1965. California.
Sugar 'n Spice , Balboa Island. The original frozen banana since 1945. California.
Summit Inn Cafe , Cajon Pass, Oak Hills, California. Ask for the cobbler. California.
Tail o the Pup , Los Angeles, California. Hot dog. California.
Taylor Guitars Factory Tour, El Cajon, California. Manufacturers of premium acoustic and electric guitars.  California.
Tehachapi Loop , Tehachapi, California. Train tracks, not contraception. California.
Thermometer, Baker, California. Baking in Baker. Concept, planning, and supervision by Will Herron. California.
Tina's Diner, Maricopa, California. Literally. California.
Tommy's Hamburger Shack, original location at Beverly and Rampart, Los Angeles, California. If you don't see the shack, take it back. California.
Tony's Original Deli and Bottle Shop, Anaheim, California. Since 1958, a classic local deli. California.
Trees of Mystery, Klamath, California. Ask for Babe. California.
Union Station, Los Angeles, California. The last great railroad station. California.
Velveteria, Los Angeles, California. The Museum of Velvet Paintings. California.
Watson's Drug Store, Soda Fountain, and Lunch Counter , Orange, California. 1950s food since 1899. California.
West Coast Clock and Watch Museum, Vista, California. Electrifying, death defying and gratifying.  California.
Wigwam Motel , Rialto, California. Relax the Wigwam Way. Recently renovated. Concept, planning, and supervision by Frank Redford. California.
Casa Bonita , Mexican restaurant, Denver, Colorado. Indoor cliff divers. Concept, planning, and supervision by Bill Waugh. Colorado.
Coney Island Hot Dog Stand , Bailey, Colorado. Moved and renovated. Colorado.
Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum, Gateway, Colorado. Live the Dream. Colorado.
May Natural History Museum , Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tropical insects. Personal collection of James F. W. May. Colorado.
Nikola Tesla Museum of Science and Industry, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hair raising. Colorado.
Prostitution Museum , Cripple Creek, Colorado. World's oldest profession. Colorado.
Raygun Gothic Rocketship, Lowry, Colorado. Little Man Ice Cream, Lowry Beer Garden. Colorado.
Red Mountain Pass Road , Ridgway, Colorado. Highway 550 between Ridgway and Durango. Avalanches. Colorado.
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site , Denver, Colorado. Former atomic bomb assembly and plutonium storage facility. Colorado.
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge , Commerce City, near Denver, Colorado. Former chemical weapons factory. Colorado.
Royal Gorge Bridge, Canon City, Colorado. Explore your vertical limits. Colorado.
Louis Lunch , New Haven, Connecticut. The original hamburger. Don't even ask for catsup. Established 1895. Connecticut.
Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe, Naugatuck, Connecticut. A taste bud journey. Since 1922. Connecticut.
Ted's Restaurant , Meriden, Connecticut. World Famous Steamed Cheeseburger. Since 1959. Connecticut.
District of Columbia
International Spy Museum , Washington, DC. Educating the public about espionage in an engaging manner. DC.
Johnson Victrola Museum , Dover, Delaware. His master's voice. Personal collection of E.R. Fenimore Johnson . Delaware.
Airstream Ranch , Tampa, Florida. Half-buried Airstream trailers. Florida.
Buoy at the Southernmost Point of the Continental United States , Key West, Florida. The Conch Republic. Florida.
Coral Castle , Homestead, Florida. Furniture suite carved from solid coral. Concept and personal construction by Ed Leedskalnin. Florida.
Cypress Gardens , Winter Haven, Florida. Water ski shows, Southern belles, and living fountain statue. Concept, planning, and supervision by Dick and Julie Pope. Florida.
Dinosaur World , Plant City, Florida. Bring your gas grill. Florida.
Florida Splendid China , Kissimmee, Florida. Miniature great wall. Concept, planning, and supervision by Sunny Yang. Florida.
Fountain of Youth , St. Augustine, Florida. Ponce de Leon slept here. Florida.
House of Presidents Wax Museum , Clermont, Florida. World's largest dollhouse. Concept and personal construction by John Zweifel.
Southernmost Motel in the United States , Key West, Florida. Next to the buoy marking the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States. Florida.
Tragedy in U.S. History Museum , St. Augustine, Florida. Artifacts from the demise of the rich and famous. Personal collection of L.H. Buddy Hough. Florida.
Tupperware Awareness Center , Kissimmee, Florida. Presto, life after tupperware. Florida.
Weeki Wachee , Weeki Wachee, Florida. Live mermaids. Where fantasy comes to life. Concept, planning, and supervision by Newton Perry
Wonder Works , Orlando, Florida. Oops, dropped my building. Florida.
Xanadu , Kissimmee, Florida. Home of the future.

Babyland General Hospital , Cleveland, Georgia. Cabbage patch dolls. Georgia.
Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, Madison, Georgia. The Largest Collection of Microcars In The World. Georgia.
Elberton Granite Museum , Elberton, Georgia. Ask for Dutchy. Georgia.
Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue, Plains Georgia. Teeth. Georgia.
Lunchbox Museum , Columbus, Georgia. Take a trip back in time. Personal collection of Georgia Alen Woodall. Georgia.
Rock City Gardens, Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Fairyland Caverns. Georgia.
Thunderbird Inn , Savannah, Georgia. Historic Savannah meets South Beach! Georgia.
Varsity, The , restaurant, Atlanta, Georgia. What'll ya have? Georgia.
World of Coca-Cola , Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola advertising art by decade. Georgia.
Leonard's Bakery , Honolulu, Hawaii. Malasadas. Hawaii.
M.Matsumoto Store , Haleiwa, Hawaii. Shave ice. Hawaii.
Maui Divers' Jewelry Design Center Tour , Honolulu, Hawaii. A unique experience. Hawaii.
Royal Aloha Coffee Mill and Museum , Kealekekua (Captain Cook), Hawaii. Kona coffee Hawaii.
Center of the Universe, Wallace, Idaho. The Probalistic Center of the Universe. Idaho.
Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 , Arco, Idaho. FIrst useable electricity from nuclear power. Insdie of the Idaho National Laboratory. Idaho.
Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum , Rigby, Idaho. Inventor of television. Idaho.
Sacred Cow Yoga Studio , Ketchum, Idaho. Ask for Mariel. Idaho.
SL-1 Nuclear Reactor Site, Fillmore Blvd, Blackfoot, Idaho. steam explosion and meltdown on January 3, 1961. SL-1 site is lat 43.51742820 Lon -112.8228310. Idaho.
Spud Drive-In, Driggs, Idaho. Ask for Old Murphy, Idaho.
Ariston Cafe, Litchfield, Illinois. Since 1924. Baklava. Illinois.
Billy Goat Tavern and Grille , Chicago, Illinois. Cheezborger! Cheezborger! No fries, cheeps! No Pepsi, Coke! A Chicago legend since 1934. Illinois.
Blackstone Hotel , Chicago, Illinois. Ninth-floor smoke-filled room. Restored. Illinois.
Catsup Bottle , Collinsville, Illinois. Rich and tangy. Illinois.
Dixie Truck Stop , McLean, Illinois. Route 66 Hall of Fame. Concept, planning, and supervision by John Geske.
Glessner House Mansion , Chicago, Illinois. Built by the father of Frances Glessner Lee . Illinois.
Leaning Tower of Niles, Niles, Illinois. Now YMCA. Illinois.
Palmer House , Chicago, Illinois. Historic Beaux Arts hotel. Illinois.
Seven Dwarfs Restaurant Fountain, Wheaton, Illinois. Where is Snow White? Eight with A.J. Illinois.
Shea's Gas Station Museum , Springfield, Illinois. Fill 'er up. Personal collection of Bill Shea. Illinois.
Superdawg Drive-In Restaurant , Chicago, Illinois. Hiya!! Illinois.
Time Museum , Rockford, Illinois. Dropped my watch. Illinois.
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum , Auburn, Indiana. It's a duesy. Indiana.
John Dillinger Museum , Hammond, Indiana. Indiana.
Recreation Vehicle and Manufactured Housing Hall of Fame , Elkhart, Indiana. Dedicated to preserving the history and honoring the pioneers and individuals who have made significant contributions to the RV and Manufactured Housing industries. David Woodworth Historic RV Collection. Indiana.
John Deere Factory Tours, Waterloo, Iowa. We've got a lot on our plate to make sure there's food on yours. Iowa
Machine Shed Restaurant , Davenport, Iowa. A restaurant honoring the American farmer. Iowa.
National Farm Toy Museum , Dyersville, Iowa. Growing awareness of the farm toy hobby through passionate and enthusiastic collectors. Iowa.
Pork Industry Hall of Fame , Urbandale, Iowa. Ask about the wall of fame. Iowa.
Trucking Hall of Fame , Iowa 80 Truck Stop, Walcott, Iowa. World's largest truck stop. Concept, planning, and supervision by Bill Moon. Iowa.
Union Pacific Railroad Museum , Council Bluffs, Iowa. Ask for Mr. Harriman. Iowa.
Villisca Axe Murder House and Museum , Villisca, Iowa. No Case is Closed to an Open Mind. Iowa.
Atomic Cannon , Junction City, Kansas. After launching nuclear projectile, run like hell as fast as you can in the other direction. Kansas.
Dorothy's House and Land of Oz , Liberal, Kansas. You are in Kansas now, Dorothy. Kansas.
Eisler Brothers Store, Riverton, Kansas. A rare form of 1920's architecture. Kansas.
Garden of Eden , Lucas, Kansas. Read it, stop or go on, just as you please. Concept and personal construction by Samuel Perry Dinsmoor. Kansas.
Geodetic Center of the United States , Osbourne Kansas. Surveys start here. Kansas.
Geographical Center of 48 Contiguous States , Lebanon, Kansas. Crossroads to the nation. Kansas.
Grassroots Art Center , Lucas, Kansas. Art brut. Kansas.
Harvey House Museum , Florence, Kansas. Civilizing the Old West. Kansas.
Hollenberg Station , Hanover, Kansas. Pony express. Kansas.
Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas. And gas station. Kansas.
Kansas Barbed Wire Museum , LaCrosse, Kansas. The Invention That Tamed the West. Kansas.
Mighty Sampson Railroad Bridge , Seward County, near Liberal, Kansas. Engineering marvel of the day. Kansas.
Penny's Diner , Marysville, Kansas. A real diner. Kansas.
Pony Express Barn Museum , Marysville, Kansas. Fresh horses. Kansas.
Van Gogh Sunflower Painting , Goodland, Kansas. Sunflower Capital of the High Plains. Concept, planning, and supervision by Cameron Cross. Kansas.
World's Largest Ball of Twine , Cawker City, Kansas. In its 50th. year and still growing. Concept and personal construction by Frank Stoeber. Kansas.
Dinosaur World , Cave City, Kentucky. Bring your gas grill. Kentucky.
Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum , Corbin, Kentucky. Secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. Kentucky.
Mother Goose House , Hazard, Kentucky. George Stacy makes a difference. Kentucky.
National Quilt Musuem, Paducah, Kentucky. Advancing the art. Kentucky.
Wigwam Village (#2) , Cave City, Kentucky. Sleep in a wigwam. Concept, planning, and supervision by Frank Redford. Kentucky.
Vent Haven Museum, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. The world's only museum dedicated to the art of ventriloquism. Kentucky.
Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum , Gibsland, Louisiana. The Museum occupies the exact historical location of Ma Canfield's Cafe where Bonnie and Clyde dined for the last time. Louisiana.
Borden's Ice Cream , Lafayette, Louisiana. Louisiana.
Cafe du Monde , New Orleans, Louisiana. Beignets. Louisiana.
New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum , New Orleans, Louisiana. Guaranteed not to be a run-of-the-mill experience. Louisiana.
St. Louis Cemetery Number One , New Orleans, Louisiana. Above ground. Louisiana.
Storyland at City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana. Larger-than-life storybook exhibits. Louisiana.
Chocolate Moose , Scarborough, Maine. Life size. Len Libby factory tour. Maine.
Lindbergh Crate Museum , Canaan, Maine. Return trip of the Spirit of St. Louis. Personal collection of Larry Ross. Maine.
Moxie Headquarters , Lisbon Falls, Maine. Soda shop and memorabilia. Maine.
Paul Bunyan Birthplace and Statue , Bangor, Maine. Concept, planning, and supervision by J. Norman Martin. Maine.
Perry's Nut House , Belfast, Maine. A Maine Institution since 1927. Maine.
Quoddy Head State Park , Lubec, Maine. Easternmost point of the United States. Maine.
Revolving and Rotating Globe , DeLorme Headquarters, Yarmouth, Maine. Eartha. 41 feet one and one-half inches. Concept, planning, and supervision by David DeLorme . Maine.
Skowhegan Indian , Skowhegan, Maine. On June 21, 1969 U.S. copyright registration #GP73844 was first registered. This copyright pertains to the Indian in both physical and image form. So...if you are interested in using the image of the Indian, please contact the Chamber in order that the policy and procedure established for usage may be followed and recorded. Concept and personal construction by Bernard Langlais. Maine.
Clark's Elioak Farm, Ellicott City, Maryland. The Enchanted Forest. Maryland.
Havre de Grace Decoy Museum , Havre de Grace, Maryland. Preserving the historical and cultural legacy of waterfowling and decoy making. Maryland.
National Cryptologic Museum , Ft. George Meade, Maryland. The original Turing machine. Maryland.
Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death by Frances Glessner Lee , third floor of the Maryland Medical Examiner's Office, Baltimore, Maryland. When dolls go bad. Concept, planning, and supervision by Frances Glessner Lee. Maryland.
American Sanitary Plumbing Museum , Worcester, Massachusetts. What goes in must come out. It's pronounced either "Wista" or "War Stir." Personal collection of Charles Manoog. Massachusetts.
Baker's Chocolate Original Factory Site , Milton, Massachusetts. Since 1772. Moved to Dover, Delaware in 1965. Now part of Jello division of Kraft. Massachusetts.
Clam Box Restaurant, Ipswich, Massachusetts. The finest in fried seafood for over 60 years. Founded 1938. Massachusetts.
Eagle's Deli , Brighton, Massachusetts. Pig out. Massachusetts.
Museum of Dirt , Boston, Massachusetts. One scoop at a time. Personal collection of Glenn Johansen . Massachusetts.
National Plastics Center , Leominster, Massachusetts. One word. Massachusetts.
Paper House, Rockport, Massachusetts. One Of The Most Unique Sites You Will Ever See. Concept and personal construction by Elis F. Stenman Massachusetts.
Stonehill Industrial History Center , Easton, Massachusetts. The shovel collection. Massachusetts.
Woodman's of Essex restaurant, Essex, Massachusetts. A yankee tradition since 1914. Massachusetts.
Boening's Bavarian Clock Haus , Frankenmuth, Michigan. Industrial Programmable Logic Controller. Michigan.
Dinosaur Gardens , Ossineke, Michigan. Big dinosaurs and miniature golf. Michigan.
Kellogg's Cereal City , Battle Creek, Michigan. History Comes Alive. Michigan.
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum , Farmington Hills, Michigan. Most magnificent. Personal collection of Marvin Yagoda. Michigan.
Mystery Spot , St. Ignace, Michigan. You will without a doubt remember your visit to the Mystery Spot. Michigan.
Rosie's Diner , Rockford, Michigan. The original queen of diners. As seen on TV. Michigan.
Betty's Pies, Two Harbors, Minnesota. World famous. Minnesota.
Jolly Green Giant Statue, Blue Earth, Minnesota. So ho ho ho then. Minnesota.
Museum of Questionable Medical Devices , Minneapolis, Minnesota. Quack central. Personal collection of Bob McCoy. Minnesota.
Paul Bunyan and Babe Statue , Bemijdi, Minnesota. Since 1937. Minnesota.
Paul Bunyan Land at This Old Farm Pioneer Village , Brainard, Minnesota. Same familiar face, just a different place. Minnesota.
Spam Museum , Austin, Minnesota. For the love of spam. Minnesota.
Wabasha Street Caves , St. Paul, Minnesota. We don't live in the past, we just work there. Minnesota.
International Checker Hall of Fame , Petal, Mississippi. Blame King Tut. Personal collection of Charles Walker . Mississippi.
Graceland Too , Holly Springs, Mississippi. Personal collection of Paul MacLeod. MIssissippi.
Warren Fuller Breweriana Collection, D'Iberville, Mississippi. Personal collection of Warren Fuller. MIssissippi.
Antique Toy Museum, Stanton, Missouri. If you were ever a kid, you will love the toy museum. Missouri.
Airline History Museum, Kansas City, Missouri. Ask for Hangar Nine. Missouri.
Arthur Bryant's BBQ Restaurant , Kansas City, Missouri. The legendary King of Ribs. Missouri.
Chain of Rocks Bridge , St. Louis Missouri. Now a bikeway.
Drewes Frozen Custard Stand , St. Louis, Missouri. Frozen custard and Christmas trees Missouri.
Iggy's Diner, Carthage, Missouri. Stainless steel masterpiece. Missouri.
Jasper County Courthouse, Carthage, Missouri. An apparition from another time and place. Missouri.
Jesse James Farm , Kearny, Missouri. Birth of a legend. Missouri.
Jesse James Museum, Stanton Missouri. Ask about ears. Missouri.
KC Masterpiece Barbecue and Grill Restaurant , Overland Park, Missouri. Ask for Rich. Missouri.
Lamar's Donuts , Kansas City, Missouri. Simply a better donut. Missouri.
Lambert's Cafe , Sikeston, Missouri. The only home of the throwed rolls. Missouri.
LC's Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Missouri. Best burnt ends in Kansas City. Missouri.
Missouri Meerschaum Company , Washington, Missouri. World's oldest and largest manufacturer of Corn Cob Smoking Pipes. Since 1869. Missouri.
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missourti. Giant shuttlecocks. No racquets. Missouri.
Red Oak II , Missouri. Turn by the propane tank. Missouri.
Roy Rogers Dale Evans Museum , Branson, Missouri. Howdy Friends! Missouri.
Stearnsy Bears , Stotts City, Missouri. Making memories since 1981. Missouri.
Titanic Museum , Branson, Missouri. World's Largest Museum Attraction. Missouri.
United States Army Chemical Corps Museum , Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Cultural heritage of the Chemical Warfare Service. Missouri.
Big Stack , Anaconda, Montana. 58 stories. Montana.
Louis Toavs John Deere Tractor Museum , Wolf Point, Montana. From 1916 in chronological order. Personal collection of Louis Toavs. Montana.
Penguin , Cut Bank, Montana. Coldest spot in the nation. Montana.
The Sip 'N Dip Lounge at O'Haire Motor Inn, Great Falls, Montana. Live mermaids. Montana.
Carhenge , Alliance, Nebraska. Stonehenge meets Detroit. Concept and personal construction by Jim Reinders. Nebraska.
Hastings Museum , Hastings, Nebraska. Discover how Hastings became the birthplace of Kool-Aid! Nebraska.
UFO Water Tower, Ogallala, Nebraska. Nebraska.
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Artifacts at the Primm Valley Resort and Casino, Primm Valley, Nevada. Bonnie and Clyde's death car and Clyde's letter to Henry Ford. Nevada.
Ethel M Chocolates Factory Tour , Henderson, Nevada. Make every day delicious. Nevada.
Goldwell Open Air Museum , Rhyolite, Nevada. Enigmatic. Nevada.
Hoover Dam , near Boulder City, Nevada. Art deco meets concrete. Nevada.
Little A'Le'Inn , Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nevada. Is it a myth or a conspiracy? Do you have the courage to find out? Nevada.
Nevada Nuclear Test Site , North Las Vegas, Nevada. Sedan crater and Atomic City. Nevada.
Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas, Nevada. World's largest pinball collection. Nevada.
Ron Lee's World of Clowns Factory Tour , Henderson, Nevada. Home of Hobo Joe. Concept, planning, and supervision by Ron Lee. Moved to a smaller facility in Burbank, California. Nevada.
Shoe Tree, Middlegate, Nevada. Nevada.
Thunder Mountain Monument , Imlay, Nevada. The Place Rolling Mountain Thunder built. Concept and personal construction by Frank Van Zant. Nevada.
Virginia City, Nevada. The Comstock Lode. Nevada.
New Hampshire
New Hampshire
America's Stonehenge , Salem, New Hampshire. Reconstructed stone ruins. New Hampshire.
Ruggles Mine, Grafton, New Hampshire. Do it yourself. New Hampshire.
Carpenter Museum of Antique Outboard Motors, Gilmanton, New Hampshire. New Hampshire. .
New Jersey
New Jersey
Lucy the Elephant, Margate, New Jersey. New Jersey.
Martian Landing Site, West Windsor Township, New Jersey. War of the Worlds. New Jersey.
National Marbles Hall of Fame in the George Boyer Museum , Wildwood, New Jersey. New Jersey.
Northlanz, Flemington New Jersey. World's largest model railroad. 700 scale miles of track, 100 trains, and 94 room doll house. New Jersey.
Rutt's Hut , Clifton, New Jersey. Hot dogs. New Jersey.
New Mexico
New Mexico
Blue Swallow Motel Tucumcari, New Mexico. Neon.
New Mexico.
El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, New Mexico. The home of the movie stars. New Mexico.
Fridgehenge, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Stonehenge in refrigerators. New Mexico.
International UFO Museum & Research Center , Roswell, New Mexico. Weather balloon. New Mexico.
National Atomic Museum , Albuquerque, New Mexico. World's largest collection of atomic bomb casings. New Mexico.
Trinity Test Site , Alamogordo, New Mexico. Ground zero for the first atomic bomb explosion. Open two days a year to the public. New Mexico.
Very Large Array , Socorro, New Mexico. Radio telescopes. New Mexico.
New York
New York
Jello Museum , LeRoy, New York. There's always room for jello. New York.
Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum , Cazenovia, New York. Preserve our national historic treasures. Personal collection of Alan Rothschild. New York.
Strong National Museum of Play , Rochester, New York. The National Toy Hall of Fame. Personal collection of Margaret Woodbury Strong. New York.
North Carolina
North Carolina
Barbecue Center , Lexington, North Carolina. Pit cooked. North Carolina.
Bubba's Barbecue Restaurant , Charlotte, North Carolina. More than a meal: an experience. North Carolina.
Chest of Drawers , High Point, North Carolina. Four stories. North Carolina.
Lexington Barbeque #1 , Lexington, North Carolina. North Carolina.
Replacements Ltd. Factory Tour , Greensboro, North Carolina. We Replace The Irreplaceable! North Carolina.
Skylight Inn , Ayden, North Carolina. Barbeque. North Carolina.
North Dakota
North Dakota
Enchanted Highway, Regent, North Dakota. World's Largest Metal Sculptures by artist Gary Greff. North Dakota.
Geographical Center of North America , Rugby, North Dakota. The point on which the surface of the area would balance if it were a plane of uniform thickness. North Dakota.
Lawrence Welk Homestead , Strasburg North Dakota. Bring the past alive. North Dakota.
Makoti Threshers Museum , Makoti, North Dakota. By appointment. North Dakota.
Accounting Hall of Fame , Columbus, Ohio. Best and brightest bean counters. World's second oldest profession. Ohio.
Airstream Factory Tour , Jackson Center, Ohio. 75 years of adventure and discovery. Ohio.
American Sign Museum , Cincinnati, Ohio. A sign of our times. Concept, planning, and supervision by Tod Swormstedt. Ohio.
Cuckoo clock. , Wilmot, Ohio. Ohio's showplace of cheese making. Ohio.
Goodyear World of Rubber , Akron, Ohio. Condoms and blimps. Ohio.
Hoggy's Barn and Grille , Columbus, Ohio. Nothing could be swiner. Pulled pork. Ohio.
Hoover Historical Center , North Canton, Ohio. Vacuum cleaners, not Herbert. Ohio.
Kelleys Island , Marblehead, Ohio. Glacial grooves. Ohio.
Longaberger Basket Company , Newark, Ohio. Inspired by nature, designed for you. Ohio.
Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum , Pickerington, Ohio. Bringing our heritage to life. Ohio.
National Heisey Glass Museum , Newark, Ohio. Preserve, collect and interpret. Ohio.
National Packard Museum , Warren, Ohio. Packards and the Packard Electric Excellence Hall of Fame. Ohio.
Overholt International Drainage Hall of Fame , Columbus, Ohio. The finest achievements in farm drainage. Ohio.
Pig Iron BBQ Barbeque , Columbus, Ohio. Ask about the jeep. Pulled pork. Ohio.
Select Sires Bull Hall of Fame , Plain City, Ohio. The world's source for bovine genetics. Ask about the tour. Ohio.
Tony Packo's Cafe , Toledo, Ohio. Signed hot dog buns. Ohio.
Trapshooting Hall of Fame , Vandalia, Ohio. Where legends reside. Ohio.
Warther's Carving Museum , Dover, Ohio. Ask about the pliers. Concept and personal construction by Ernest Mooney Warther. Ohio.
World's Largest Wheel of Cheese, Berlin, Ohio. Melted. Ohio.
Blue Whale , Catoosa, Oklahoma. Anniversary Gift. Concept and personal construction by Hugh Davis.
Coleman Theatre , Miami, Oklahoma. Theatre Beautiful. Oklahoma.
Golden Driller Statue , Tulsa, Oklahoma. With Roustabird Penguin. Oklahoma.
J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum, Claremore, Oklahoma. Personal collections of J.M. Davis. 50,000 firearms and 1200 beer steins. Oklahoma.
McDonald's Restaurant, Vinita, Oklahoma. Built over an Interstate Highway. Oklahoma.
Meers Store and Restaurant , Meers, Oklahoma. Eat beef. The West wasn't won on salad. Oklahoma.
Sandhills Curiosity Shop, Erick, Oklahoma. Home of Harley, Annabelle and the Mediocre Music Makers. Oklahoma.
Totem Poles , Foyil, Oklahoma. Concept and personal construction by Ed Galloway. Oklahoma.
Evergreen Aviation Museum , McMinnville, Oregon. Spruce Goose. Oregon.
Glockenspiel , Mount Angel, Oregon. 49 feet. Stay for a beer. Oregon.
Harvey Marine, Portland, Oregon. World's largest rabbit. Oregon.
Otto's Sausage Kitchen and Meat Market, Portland, Oregon. World's best reuben sandwich award from The Dwarf LLC. Outdoor barbequed sausages every day. Oregon.
Pat's Corner Restaurant at McMenamin Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, Oregon. Have the barbecue pork sandwich and the crumble. Oregon.
Shanghai Tunnels , Portland, Oregon. Trap doors. Oregon.
Voodoo Doughnut , Portland, Oregon. The magic is in the hole. Oregon.
World's Tallest Barber Pole, Forest Grove, Oregon. 72 feet. Oregon.
Bassett's Ice Cream , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. America's oldest ice cream company. Five generations and over 140 years of one incredible flavor after another. Established 1861. Pennsylvania.
Gobbler's Knob , Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Ask for Phil. Pennsylvania.
Haines Shoehouse, York, Pennsylvania. The Shoehouse of the Wizard. Pennsylvania.
Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations Factory Tour, York, Pennsylvania. Witness passion forged in steel. Pennsylvania.
Lemon Grove, Oxford, Pennsylvania. Huge outdoor collection of Edsels. Pennsylvania.
Mercer Museum , Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Gadgets. Personal collections of Henry C. Mercer. Pennsylvania.
Mütter Museum , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. World's largest impacted bowel movement. Pennsylvania.
Pat's King of Steaks , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Original Philadelphia Cheese Steak. Operated by the original Olivieri family since 1930. Pennsylvania.
Primanti Brothers Restaurant , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Potatoes. Pennsylvania.
QVC Studio Tour , West Chester, Pennsylvania. Quality, Value, Convenience. Pennsylvania.
Ringing Rocks Park , Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. Bring a hammer and play a tune. Pennsylvania.
Roadside America Miniature Village , Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. Be prepared to see more than you expect. You'll be amazed. Concept and personal construction by Laurence Gieringer. Pennsylvania.
StoryBook Forest, Idlewild Park, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Find the magic. Pennsylvania.
Thermometer Collection, AccuWeather, State College, Pennsylvania. World's largest thermometer collection of Richard T Porter of Boston now at AccuWeather headquarters. Pennsylvania.
Woolrich Woolen Mill Tour, Woolrich, Pennsylvania. The Original Outdoor Clothing Company Pennsylvania.
Yuengling Brewery , Pottsville, Pennsylvania. America's oldest brewery since 1829. Pennsylvania.
Rhode Island
Rhode Island
American Diner Museum , Providence, Rhode Island. Celebrate and preserve the cultural and historical significance of the American diner Rhode Island.
Modern Diner , Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Rhode Island.
South Carolina
South Carolina
Hawaiian Rumble Miniature Golf , North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Live volcano. Number one miniature golf course in the world. South Carolina.
Pedro's South of the Border , Mexican Restaurant, Dillon, South Carolina. The sombrero tower. Concept, planning, and supervision by Al Schafer. South Carolina.
South Dakota
South Dakota
Badlands National Park , near Rapid City, South Dakota. Bad lands, bad lands. South Dakota.
Corn Palace , Mitchell, South Dakota. Corn is what Mitchell is all about. South Dakota.
Crazy Horse Memorial , Custer, South Dakota. Under construction. Concept and personal construction by Korczak Ziolkowski. South Dakota.
Dinosaur Park , Rapid City, South Dakota. WPA concrete. South Dakota.
Geographical Center of 50 United States, Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Center of the nation. South Dakota.
Homestake Gold Mine , Lead, South Dakota. World's largest open pit gold mine. South Dakota.
Mount Rushmore National Monument, Keystone, South Dakota. Sadly, the original restaurant with the large plate glass windows has been torn down. Concept and personal construction by Gutzon Borglum. South Dakota.
Porter Sculpture Park, Montrose, South Dakota. Take a walk inside the Bull’s Head. South Dakota.
Route 16 Diner , Hill City, South Dakota. Marilyn Monroe in neon. South Dakota.
Storybook Island, Rapid City, South Dakota. For those young in years, or young at heart, to experience the power of imagination. South Dakota.
Sturgis Motorcycles Museum and Hall of Fame , Sturgis, South Dakota. Special emphasis on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. South Dakota.
Teddy Bear Town, Hill City , South Dakota. World's largest teddy bear collection. South Dakota.
Wall Drug , Wall, South Dakota. Free ice water. Concept, planning, and supervision by Ted Hustead. South Dakota.
Corky's Ribs and BBQ Poplar , Memphis, Tennessee. Whole Lotta Smokin’ Goin’ on! Wet barbeque. Tennessee.
Huey's restaurant, Memphis, Tennessee. Leave your toothpick in the ceiling. Tennessee.
International Towing and Recovery Hall Of Fame and Museum , Chattanooga, Tennessee. Preserve the history of the towing and recovery industry. Ask for Frank. Tennessee.
Jim Neely's Interstate Barbecue , Memphis, Tennessee. Best place in America for a pork BBQ sandwich. Wet or dry barbeque. " "Everything you see here has been an accident," Jim Neely. Tennessee.
Loveless Cafe , Nashville, Tennessee. Biscuits. Tennessee.
Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. First industrial uranium enrichment and purification factories. Tennessee.
Moon Pie General Store, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The original marshmellow sandwich. Tennessee.
Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising , Goodlettsville and Millersville, Tennessee. Call for an appointment. Personal collection of Tom Bates. Tennessee.
Pancake Pantry , Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A Gatlinburg tradition for breakfast and lunch. Tennessee.
Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee. Forget Greece. This one is in much better condition. Tennessee.
Rendezvous Charcoal Ribs Restaurant , Memphis, Tennessee. Hogs fly. Dry barbeque. Not since Adam has a rib been this famous. Charlie Vergos since 1948. Tennessee.
Aquarena Springs , San Marcos, Texas. Live mermaids and Ralph, the flying pig. Texas.
Barney Smith Toilet Seat Art Museum , San Antonio, Texas. Set a spell. Personal collection of Barney Smith. Texas.
Beer Can House, Houston, Texas. Concept and personal constuuction by John Milkovisch. At least 50,000 cans. Texas.
Big Texan Steak Ranch Restaurant , Amarillo, Texas. Home of the free 72 oz. steak dinner. Concept, planning, and supervision by R.J. "Bob" Lee. Texas.
Cadillac Ranch , Amarillo, Texas. Half-buried Cadillacs. Concept, planning, and supervision by Stanley Marsh. Texas.
Cockroach Hall of Fame , Plano, Texas. Cockroaches that will put a smile on your face. Personal collection of Michael Bohdan. Texas.
Devil's Rope Museum , McLean, Texas. The largest barbed wire historic museum in the world. Texas.
Dinosaur Valley State Park , Glen Rose, Texas. Dinosaur tracks . Texas.
Dr Pepper Bolltling Plant, Dublin, Texas. The Oldest Dr Pepper Bottling Plant in the World. Texas.
Dr Pepper Musuem, Waco, Texas. Good for life. Texas.
Forbidden Gardens , Katy Texas. Everyone should have a terra cotta army. Concept, planning, and supervision by Ira P.H. Poon. Texas.
Midpoint Cafe , Adrian, Texas. Ugly crust pies. Texas.
National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas. Any day above ground is a good one. Texas.
Orange Show Center for Visionary Art , Houston, Texas. A clown among uniformed mannequins. Concept, planning, and supervision by Jeff McKissack. Texas.
Palo Duro Canyon, Canyon, Texas. Second largest canyon in the United States. Site of the battle of Palo Duro Canyon 1874. Texas.
Roadrunner Statue , Fort Stockton, Texas. Paisano Pete. Texas.
Round Rock Donuts , Round Rock, Texas. The donut that’s worth the drive. Texas.
Stonehenge II , Hunt, Texas. Just as unusual as original. Concept and personal construction by Al Shepperd. Texas.
The Beer-Can House, Houston, Texas. Concept and personal construction by John Milkovisch. Texas.
U Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas. Restored. Texas.
Wilson House of Laminates , Temple, Texas. If it doesn't move, laminate it. Concept, planning, and supervision by Ralph Wilson Sr. Texas.
Hole in the Rock , Moab, Utah. At home inside a mountain. Concept and personal construction by Albert Christensen. Utah.
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park , Gouldings, Utah. Ask for John Ford. Utah.
Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour , Waterbury, Vermont. Euphoric concoctions. Vermont.
Gorilla Holding a VW Bug, Leicester, Vermont. Vermont.
Shelburne Museum , Shelburne, Vermont. Paintings, Folk Art, Historic Houses, Decorative Arts, Quilts, Decoys, Carriages, Tools, Toys, Dolls, Dollhouses, Native American Artifacts, Miniature Circus Figures and Circus Posters. Personal collections of Electra Havemeyer Webb. Vermont.
Simon Pearce Glass Factory Tour , Windsor, Vermont. More than a legend. Vermont.
Steve's Park Diner, Middlebury, Vermont. Something for everyone since the 1930s. Vermont.
Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Tour , Shelburne, Vermont. The best Bears in the Universe for over twenty years. Vermont.
Doumar's Drive-In , Norfolk, Virginia. Inventor of the ice cream cone. Virginia.
Foamhenge, Natural Bridge, Virginia. Styrofoam stonehenge replica. Concept and personal construction by Mark Cline. Virginia.
Archie McPhee Retail Store , Seattle, Washington. Outfitters of popular culture. Washington.
Benewah Milk Bottle, Spokane, Washington. Concept, planning, and supervision by Paul Newport. Washington.
Filson Factory Tour, Seattle, Washington. It is the Filson ideal and policy to produce only the best in Outdoor Clothes that it is possible to manufacture. Washington.
Lemay Family Car Collection at Marymount, Tacoma, Washington. Guinness Book of World Records World's Largest Antique and Vintage Vehicle Collection. See the Collection. Experience the stories. Not to be confused with the much smaller Lemay America's Car Museum which is ten miles to the north. Personal collections of Harold and Nancy LeMay. Also includes dolls, toys, antiques, and farm equipment. Washington.
Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Hanford, Washington. Home of plutonium mass production. Washington.
Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge Memorial, Maryhill, Washington. Stonehenge in concrete, as originally built. Concept, planning, and supervision by Samuel Hill. Discover the unexpected. Washington.
Museum of Flight , Seattle, Washington. The only surviving Sputnik satellite, used for testing. The other Sputnik burned up during reentry. Washington.
Pioneer Square Underground , Seattle, Washington. Original skid row. Do not attempt on a week day, there is no parking. Washington.
Top Pot Doughnuts , Seattle, Washington. Hand-forged doughnuts. Washington.
West Virginia
West Virginia
Blenko Glass Visitor Center and Museum , Milton, West Virginia. Handmade in America. West Virginia.
Farnham Colossi, Unger, West Viginia. Personal collection of George Farnham. West Virginia.
Homer Laughlin China Company , Newell, West Virginia. Since 1871. Fiesta dinner ware. Largest domestic pottery manufacturer. West Virginia.
Museum of Radio and Technology , Huntington, West Virginia. Antique Radios. West Virginia.
Prabhupada's Palace of Gold , Moundsville, West Virginia. The beauty and mystique of the Far East revealed without leaving America. West Virginia.
West Virginia State Farm Museum , Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Tractors, not insurance. Personal collection of Walden Roush. West Virginia.
Circus World Museum , Baraboo Wisconsin. Former home of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Visit the research library around the corner. Wisconsin.
Claire de Loon, Mercer, Wisconsin. The Loon Capital, at leas of Wisconsin. Wisconsin.
Don Q Fantasuites , Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Themed motel rooms. Concept, planning, and supervision by Don Quinn. Wisconsin.
Dr. Evermor's Sculpture Park, Sauk City, Wisconsin. Stop and say hello. Wisconsin.
FAST (Fiberglass Animals, Shapes and Trademarks) Corporation , Sparta, Wisconsin. The premier manufacturer of fiberglass statues. Wisconsin.
Harley Davison Powertrain Operations Factory Tour , Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Home of the Big Twin. Wisconsin.
House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin. The ultimate collection of collections plus the infinity room. Personal collections of Alex Jordan. Wisconsin.
International Clown Hall of Fame , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Establish and maintain an internationally recognized Clown Hall of Fame which pays tribute to the Art of Clowning around the world.. Wisconsin.
Kohler Factory Tour, Kohler, Wisconsin. Industry in Action. Wisconsin.
Mars' Cheese Castle, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Wisconsin cheese, ask why. Wisconsin.
Mustard Museum , Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The bottom line: we know mustard. Personal collection of Barry Levenson. Wisconsin.
National Brewery Museum , Potosi, Wisconsin. Beer bottles and cans, glasses, trays, coasters, advertising materials and other items relating to breweriana collectibles. Wisconsin.
National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame , Hayward, Wisconsin. The Shrine to Anglers. Concept, planning, and supervision by Bob Kutz. Wisconsin.
Pink Elephant , DeForset, Wisconsin. With reading glasses. Wisconsin.
Polonez Restaurant, Saint Francis, Wisconsin. Mushroom soup. Wisconsin.
Portage Cafe, Portage, Wisconsin. Excellent road food. Ask for Kevin or Tricia. Wisconsin.
Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden, Cochrane, Wisconsin. You don’t ever know where it will end up when you start. Wisconsin.
Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center, Superior, Wisconsin. Ask for Marge. P-38L serial number 44-53236. Wisconsin.
Rock in the House, Fountain City, Wisconsin. The anti-house-on-the-rock. Wisconsin.
S. C. Johnson Wax Factory Tour , Racine, Wisconsin. The goodwill of the people is the only enduring thing in any business. Reservations required. Ask for Mr. Wright. Wisconsin.
Safe House Restaurant , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You need to know the password. Wisconsin.
Sausage and Cheese Farmer, Portage, Wisconsin. Sausage, cheese, and a tank of gas. Wisconsin.
Solly's Grille , Glendale, Wisconsin. Food must be cooked with lots of love and lots of butter. Established 1936. Wisconsin.
Spinning Top and Yo-Yo Museum, Burlington, Wisconsin. Take a spin with us. Wisconsin.
Sputnik IV Crash Site, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. A brass ring and a plaque mark the actual crash site on 8th street. Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Concrete Park, Phillips, Wisconsin. For all the American people everywhere. They need something like this. Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Dells , Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. You name it. Wisconsin.
World's Largest Six Pack, La Crosse, Wisconsin. 688,200 gallons. Wisconsin.
Devil's Tower National Monument , Sundance, Wyoming. Close encounters of the mashed potato kind. Wyoming.
Yellowstone National Park , North of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Live steam vents and mud projectiles. Wyoming.
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