1958 Edsel
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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The 1958 Edsel is the epitome of 1950s American car design excess. Consider these features:

  • Easily recognizable from any angle a block away.
  • Horse collar grille.
  • Two separate front bumpers on either side of grille
  • Rocket two tone paint side panels
  • Automatic transmission push buttons in the middle of the steering wheel
  • Speedometer moves, needle stays in one place.

Some Edsel links:

The 1958 Edsel came in two sizes. The "Senior" Series cars are Citation and Corsair models, which were built on the large Mercury-based frame. The "Junior" series cars are Rangers, Pacers and station wagons Bermuda, Villager and Roundup, which were built on the smaller Ford-based frame.

All 1959 and 1960 Edsels were built on Ford-based frames.

The 1958 Edsel in these photographs was in the collection of Deer Park Automobile Museum.


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