Grassroots Art Center, Lucas, Kansas
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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A massive creative vortex has fecundated in Lucas Kansas and its Grassroots Art Center. The Grassroots Art Center is the permanent home of many superb examples of "intuitive art." "Intuitive Art" is also known as "art brut," "non-traditional folk art," "self-taught art," "visionary art," or "outsider art." Intuitive artists typically execute their own unique personal vision and seldom influence the mainstream art world. For some inscrutable reason, nearly all Intuitive Art is sculpture.

The Lucas Grassroots Art Center is under the able direction of Rosslyn Schultz. The Lucas Arts and Humanites Council Board of Directors operates the Grassroots Art Center.

Some artists exhibited at the Lucas Grassroots Art Center:

  • Ed Root: Concrete sculpture with embedded glass and stone
  • Inez Marshall: carved native limestone sculpture
  • Herman Divers: sculpture made entirely from beverage pull-tabs
  • Lawrence Reynolds: recycled shipping crates and scrap metal sculpture
  • M.T. Ligget: scrap metal totem poles
  • Mri Pilar: various recycled material sculptures. Especially interesting are modified Barbie dolls called "ReBarbs" and the space alien room called the "ISIS Chapel at the Garden of ISIS."
  • Florence Deeble: Outdoor colored concrete postcard scenes.

The Grassroots Art Center contains one the best collections of Intuitive Art anywhere. Well worth the visit.

Visit the Grassroots Art Center, Lucas, Kansas web site.

When in Lucas, Kansas, be sure to also visit the Garden of Eden.


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