Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Joseph City, Arizona
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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Located on historic Route 66 in Joseph City Arizona, the Jack Rabbit Trading Post is the world's most famous Stop-N-Go convenience store.  The Jack Rabbit Trading Post is a standard Stop-N-Go, with the addition of some souvenirs, a fiberglass rabbit, and billboard proclaiming "Here It Is." 

When Interstate 40 replaced Route 66, the old highway became a frontage road, and Joseph City and the Jack Rabbit obtained their own exit.  Although neither the billboard nor the Rabbit are visible from the Interstate, the Jack Rabbit Trading Post retains a mythic reputation, due in no small part to the iconic nature of both the mascot and historic Route 66. 

Concept, planning, and supervision by Jim Taylor.

Visit the Jack Rabbit Trading Post web site.


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