Summit Inn Cafe, Cajon Pass, Oak Hills, California
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Immediately off the Oak Hill exit of Interstate 15 in Cajon Pass, Oak Hills, California, is the indomitable Summit Inn Cafe. Steeped in history, the Summit Inn Cafe has been providing an archetypal road food experience for many years. Good food and a friendly staff punctuate the vintage decor. Although ostrich burgers are featured, the highlight of the menu is the cobbler. Apparently making cobbler is chef option. As of November 2009, cobbler is rarely being made as the current chef declines to make it. The next best dessert is the strawberry short cake, ordered a la mode.

An incredible view of the site occurs when traveling up the mountain from the Victorville side. The large Summit Inn sign flashes in neon. A spectacular roadside moment.

The Summit Inn Cafe is located on a minuscule remnant of the original Route 66. Most of the original Route 66 have been overlaid by the interstate in the immediate vicinity. Going northeast, the original Route 66 can be found starting again on "D" street in Victorville, running through Helendale and ending in Barstow. Going southwest, the next section of the original Route 66 runs starts at the Cleghorn exit of Interstate 15 and runs to Devore and eventually to Foothill Boulevard.

The Summit Inn at the present location has been in operation since 1952. The original owner was Burt Riley who operated the Summit Inn between 1952 and 1966. Cecil Stevens owned and operated the Summit Inn between 1966 sand 2016. The Summit Inn was acquired by Otto Recinos in June 2016. The new owner announced restoration plans.

Sadly, the Summit Inn Cafe was destroyed by the Blue Cut brush fire on Aug 16, 2016.

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Visit the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville when in the Cajon Pass area.


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