Creativity and Personal Dynamics
by Jeffrey Sward

Creativity in the visual arts creates interesting intrapersonal dynamics. Some common impediments to taking next artistic steps include:

  • Starting any new work (blockage)
  • Starting any new work (logistics; time management; non-artistic life and time pressures)
  • Selecting the next project from many
  • Selecting a style from several existing styles
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Editing and grouping an existing body of work
  • Marketing - distribution - showing work - art vs. commerce
  • Balancing art vs. earning a living and family
The Four Seductions by Stephen Dietz. "The four big things that seduce artists away from making the best art they can." A rather amusing argument for reaching for the lowest common demoninator audience.
  • Disparagement of craft
  • Criticism
  • Blaming the audience
  • Distrust of beauty.

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