Notable Celebrity Death Cars
Collected by Jeffrey Sward
who when (acci-dent date) vehicle where site marker driver if other than celebrity circum-stances vehicle prev-iously dis-played at vehicle Current dispos-ition
Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker May 23, 1934 1934 Ford V8 Three miles north of Sailes, eight miles south of Gibsland, on Highway 154 near the junction of Highway 793, north of Brushy Creek, Bienville Parish, Louis-iana. A stone monu-ment stands about 8.2 miles south of Gibsland, LA, on the west side of Hwy 154/Parish Rd 300. 32.441245, -93.092541 .   Ambushed and killed instantly by a posse of lawmen led by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer. Bonnie was shot 23 times and Clyde was shot 25 times. The posse used Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) and other weapons. The BAR is a very powerful weapon. Some bullets went completely through one car door and still dented the opposite car door. A total of 167 bullets were fired.   Primm Valley Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
T.E. Lawrence May 19, 1935 Bough Superior Limited SS100 Dorset England Stone erected by the T. E. Lawrence Society. The site can be reached by heading north along a narrow footpath from the small car park situated 400 yards to the south of Clouds Hill on the road to Bovington. Large display located here 50.713552, -2.248038 (this may be the "car park"). 400 yards south of Clouds Hill is here 50.715642, -2.250038.   Dip in roadway obscured two boys on bicycles. Swerved, lost control, thrown over handlebars.   Time split between Imperial War Museum and the National Motor Museum
Lady Diana Frances Spencer Windsor, Princess of Wales Aug 31, 1997 1994 Mer-cedes Benz S280 W140 Pon d'Alma tunnel, Paris, France Golden Flame of Liberty statue which sits above the Alma Tunnel has been approp-riated by fans. Henri Paul Vehicle struck pylon at entrance to tunnel, being pursued by paparazzi, chauffeur drunk   Bifurcated, last known Etoile Limousine Company
Jayne Mansfield Jun 29, 1967 1966 Buick Electra Highway 90, near eastern New Orleans, Louis-iana. White cross north side of US Hwy 90/Chef Menteur Hwy, either two miles east of the bridge at Fort Macomb, or seven miles west of the bridge at Fort Pike (Slidell). West of the Zone 2 sign heading west, or Zone 3 sign heading east. Two miles east of the bridge is 30.198812, -89.707176. The Death Site (location 2) is on the other side of the bridge, a few miles going westbound on 90. Right after the zone 2 sign on the right. Actual death site (location 3) is just in front of the Marina, one mile west of the Bridge, which is the most probable at 30.149614, -89.741772.   View obscured by mosquito spray.   Struck semi-trailer ( likely long side) and under robe. Top of car sheared off.  Wig thrown from car, but no decapitation. Tragedy In US History Museum, Saint Augustine. Florida. Possible fake. Museum defunct. Dearly Departed Tours and Museum, Hollywood, California. Most recent of several private owners.
Margaret Mitchell Aug 16, 1949. Pedes-trian Peachtree Street at between 13th and 14th streets, Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia State Historical Marker, GHM 060-191, 33.792916 -84.38645. Directly in front of the 1401 building. Hugh D. Gravitt Jaywalking pedestrian struck by personal car driven by off-duty taxi driver. Skid marks were 67 feet long    
George S. Patton Dec 9, 1945 1939 Cadillac Series 75 Mannheim, Germany No known marker. General location: The military reports indicate Mann-heimer Strasse to Neckar-stadt in the suburbs of Mann-heim. Mann-heimer Strasse turns from Neu-stadter Strasse in a T-bone inter-section, passing apart-ments on one side and the indus-trial complex head-quarters of a German tech company, ABB, on the other end. From Neu-stadter to Kall-stadter is where an army depot was located. A railroad spur once ran down the middle of the street, but is now gone. Some locals claim that it was farther south on Neu-stadter Strasse, where it turns across the rail spur from the Spinelli Barracks Pfc Horace Woodring Patton's car was driving relatively slowly as the road was rough where railroad tracks crossed. A American army truck suddenly pulled from a supply yard and Patton's car struck it on the right front. Patton was thrown forward, his forehead hitting the metal ridge on the divider between the front and back seats. No one else in the accident was injured   Roadside America Museum. Fort Knox, Kentucky.
James Dean Sep 30, 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Inter-section of California High-ways 41 and 46. California Depart-ment of Trans-portation has desig-nated James Dean Memorial Junction at the Inter-section of Cali-fornia Highways 41 and 46, near Cholame   Struck by a 1954 Ford Tudor driven by Donald Turnupseed. The glare of the setting sun greatly reduced visibility at the intersection, especially for the approaching Ford. James Dean was traveling with his racing mechanic Rolf Wutherich. James Dean's last words were "He has to see us."   Likely parted out.
Tom Mix Oct 12, 1940 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton SR 79, south of Florence, Arizona. Tom Mix Monu-ment milepost 116, SR 79, 17 miles south of Florence, Arizona.   Encountered construction barriers for closed bridge, unable to stop.   Swerved twice, rolled into gully, pinning body underneath.  Struck by Zero Halliburton aluminum suitcase(s) in head and neck Imperial Palace Car Museum, Las Vegas. Museum. Defunct. Bob White, Scottsdale, Arizona. Organized full off body restoration. Suitcase of Death at the Tom Mix Museum Dewey, Oklahoma
Grace Kelly Sep 14, 1982 1971 Rover P6 3500 Route de la Turbie between Mont Agel and Monaco Despite contra-dictory infor-mation, there does not appear to be a monu-ment at the crash site. The acci-dent site is often given as 43.72639 7.402778, which is the major hairpin curve on Route de la Turbie. Site location is also suspect as the sharpest turn is too conven-ient of a location.   Stroke. Lost control, veered off road, plunged 120 feet off mountain side. pass-enger daughter Stephanie survived.   Assumed scrapped.
Isadora Duncan Sep 14, 1927 1927 Amilcar CGSS Nice, France No known monu-ment. Trip started at Promen-ade de Anglais. Benoît Falchetto Long scarf caught in open wheel in sports car with open top.   Thrown onto stone pavement.  Either strang-ulation or blunt force trauma hitting pave-ment. (not a Bugatti 35 or 37)   Unknown
Jackson Pollock Aug 11, 1956 1950 Olds-mobile 88 convert-ible A curve heading north on Springs Fireplace Road in Springs (East Hampton), New York, a one half mile south of the Pollock Krasner House. No known monu-ment. The trip started at the Pollock Krasner House at 41.024335, -72.154806. Per pass-enger accounts, the trip started south, then made a u-turn going north, ending about a half mile south of the Pollock Krasner House on Springs Fireplace Road.   With Edith Metzger and Ruth Kligman as pass-engers en route to a party, Pollock became irritated and did a U-turn and headed home going north on Springs Fireplace Rd. Irritated even more by the goading of Edith and Ruth, he sped up. His last words were "You want to go to this party? How about this?" He sped up to 80 mph and lost control at a curve by the woods a half a mile south of his home on Springs Fireplace Rd. The car skidded, slid off the road into the woods, bounced off a tree, and rolled over several times. When the police found the wreckage, they found Pollock still in the driver's seat, decap-itated. Edith Metzger was also killed in the accident. Ruth Kligman survived.   Assumed scrapped.
Ernie Kovacs Jan 13, 1962 Corvair station wagon Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boule-vards, Los Angeles. No known monu-ment. Location of corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boule-vards in Los Angeles is 34.058514, -118.424123 .   At the corner of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boule-vards, while trying to light another of his seemingly-endless supply of cigars, Kovacs lost control of the car, which spun off the road and struck a power pole broadside, drivers' door first. It was a massive impact, Kovacs was partially ejected, and was dead before help arrived. Years later, an interviewer tried to goad wife Edie Adams into blaming Kovacs' death on the design of the Corvair, but she was having none of it. She blamed instead his fatigue, his alcohol consumption, his speeding, and road conditions. Kovacs and Adams were attending the same party. Each drove home alone. Kovacs arrived in the family Rolls Royce in which Adams returned. Adams arrived in the Corvair in which Kovacs returned.   Assumed scrapped.

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