Slide or Negative Copying with Digital Camera Checklist
by Jeffrey Sward
  1. Materials Storage Box with Plastic Stage
    1. Black plastic box stage
    2. Single sheet diffuser
    3. 14x14 Felt front cover
    4. Negative and/or slide carriers
    5. One inch brush
    6. Alignment card
    7. 5/16 socket with screw driver type handle
    8. Clip for negative carrier
  2. Copy Stand
  3. Velbon macro rail
  4. Materials Camera bag
    1. Body
    2. Macro lens
    3. Screw in lens hood
    4. Cable release
  5. Materials Flash Case
    1. Vivitar 283 with manual control
    2. AC adapter
    3. Vivitar to PC cord 5 foot
  6. AC setup, power strip
  7. Pole lamp to illuminate stage area and film media
  8. Set up notes
    1. Copy stand to near maximum height (59 mark)
    2. Copy stand horizontal stage all the way back. Use 5/16 socket on screws.
    3. Attach Velbon stage
    4. Attach camera with macro lens
    5. Align camera via stage to center mark on copy stand. Use auto focus
    6. Place black box on copy stand. Align to marks.
    7. Place white alignment card on box
    8. Illuminate card with floor light
    9. Set manual focus
    10. For slides set focus to the zero in 0.315 (near 1.03)
    11. For negatives set focus to the 1 in 0.315 (near 1.03)
    12. Align camera to target. Focus with the vertical rail movements, not the lens.
  9. Process
    1. Manual camera controls. Use 1/60 f16.
    2. Install flash
    3. Install pc cable
    4. Install flash AC adapter
    5. Install curtain
    6. Exposure to be set with flash, not lens
    7. Initial exposure for negatives 1/4 (-2)
    8. Initial exposure for slides 1/8 (-3)
    9. Check histogram for more exact exposure by running test with at least the first film sample of each type.
    10. Clean film with brush using floor light source
    11. Make fine adjustments by moving negative carriers
    12. It is helpful to focus on the dust spots on the slide or negative. These will pop as dots by moving in and out of focus. Set focus on center of dot effect.
    13. Aligning negatives is tricky. Check for full boundaries in carrier.
    14. Make sure full borders are present after image is taken by using large display view. Keep checking histogram.

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