by Jeffrey Sward

Moist snow bites our face.
Winter wind whistles through trees.
Our souls are barren.

Black vacant asphalt
One street light in midnight chill
Each of us, alone.

My mind is floating
Through the clouds as wisps of air
Thoughts are vapor mist

Frigid lake shore night
Bright pyre flames light the sky
Float softly, farewell.

Ponder the cosmos
Wallow in the sty of life
What's time to a pig?

The moon shines brightly
Reflecting on still waters
Pigs floating through time

Pigs really do fly
As far as they can be thrown
Swine aviation

Birds float through the clouds
Feathers glide and talons grasp
Heart flutters with breeze

So few syllables
Deceptively easy but
Haiku take effort

All was quiet here
Out of nowhere a haiku
You just never know

"Haiku for Marriage"

River of life flows,
Two streams joining together.
Must bring your paddle.

Haiku about business and business conferences

Meet Sarbanes - Oxley
What you see is what you get
Paperwork mountain

First archive data
Second bring it back again
Zen data circle

Speed so important
Archive for efficiency
You want data too?

You ask for first note
But archiving makes more speed
You get nothing fast

Smart Rent-a-SAN deal
Has cheap buyout provision
When move costs too much

Custom coat pockets
Portable USB drives
Quick data transfer

Systems not stable
Optimization delayed
Oops two steps backwards

Locked with group off site
High security building
Jail but no phone call

Few days, many hours
Long discussions, much distress
High price for small gain

End of haiku about business


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