Introduction to the Edicts of the House of Irvine
by Jeffrey Sward
The city of Irvine in Orange County California, is one the nation's largest planned communities. Irvine was planned completely by the Irvine Company, which originally owned the land. It is the mission of the Irvine company to completely plan every conceivable aspect of the communities which it subdivides. The following quote is from the Irvine Company web site:
We pursue this mission through our basic business: as large scale, comprehensive master planners and community builders committed to the highest standards of quality. Within this basic business, we are a planner, builder, landlord, investor, community partner, employer and neighbor.
The City of Irvine web site notes that Irvine is the
outcome of mastermind planners, and those engaged to institute the plan.
The extensive planning for Irvine has resulted in a city which has achieved near perfection in the minds of its planners and many of its residents. However, the cost of this perfection is a very rigid set of urban controls. These rigid controls were first created by the Irvine Company and subsequently set by the Irvine City Council and the various neighborhood community associations.
A stench of onerous magniloquence saturates the Irvine Company, Irvine City Council and the community associations. This pervasive pretentiousness extrudes into many Irvine residents through a process of osmosis.
To some degree, a prototypical Irvine resident approves of the rigidly controlled suburban environment. It is often the case that the overly sanitized ambience is a fundamental reason for choosing to reside in Irvine.
People comfortable with living within the regimentation of Irvine would also be receptive to a series of behavioral norms. Both the implied policies of Irvine and the behavioral norms of Irvine residents are amenable to representation as a series of Edicts. Systematic observation of the behavior of Irvine residents and policies of various organizations has thus revealed the Edicts of the House of Irvine.

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