Installing Microtek Scanners on Windows Vista
by Jeffrey Sward
Microtek has abandoned the United States retail scanner market. In the process virtually none of the Microtek scanner drivers were certified for Windows Vista. This creates install problems. Even through the proper Microtek drivers are present in Vista under c:\windows\inf\ the drivers will not install automatically because the Microtek drivers are unsigned. Further confusion is caused by Microtek specifying Scan Wizard 5 v6.31 when the only download on the Microtek web site is Scan Wizard 5 v6.32 (which actually works).
Specific Instructions for 6700, should apply to all Microtek flatbed scanners.
  1. Download Scan Wizard 5 v6.32. See note above.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and store the resulting diskn tree.
  3. Download the Abbyy FineReader OCR software either v4.0 or v4.01
  4. Unzip the download file and store the resulting diskn tree
  5. Turn off the power on the scanner
  6. If there are previous versions of Abbyy FineReader OCR or Scan Wizard, uninstall and reboot
  7. From disk1 above install Scan Wizard 5 v6.32
  8. From disk1 above install Abbyy FineReader OCR software
  9. Turn on the scanner
  10. Try to launch Scan Wizard. Probably will get "can't find scanner use scanner probe." Scanner probe will not find scanner.
  11. There may or may not be annoying Windows install messages at this point. Do not try to run any automatic Windows device installs, they will not work.
  12. => control panel => Computer management => device manager
    1. There may be an entry under "Imaging devices" but probably not
    2. There should be an undefined entry under "Unidentified devices" or a similar heading.
    3. Right click on the undefined device
    4. Select properties
    5. Select driver
    6. Click update driver
    7. For the source use c:\windows\inf\
    8. The driver should be automatically located, although there will be no indication that the correct driver was found
    9. There will likely be a message "cannot validate the source of the driver" or "unsigned driver" or other message. Select install driver anyway.
    10. Exit device manager
  13. Launch Scan Wizard. Should now be able to find scanner.
  14. At this point Scan Wizard should work as well as it did under Windows XP.

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