Installing Photoshop CS5 and Converting from Photoshop CS4
by Jeffrey Sward
Despite the insistence by Adobe that installing a new release of Photoshop is "easy," the process of installation and reconfiguration of a new Photoshop release is extremely time consuming for many photographers. It may be helpful to have a checklist, such as the one following.
  1. Reinstall base Photoshop cs5
  2. Edit all of the preference screens.  cs4 and cs5 cannot be launched at the same time.  Either the preferences need to be copied to paper or constantly start and stop cs4 and cs5. 
    1. General
      1. Color picker Adobe
      2. HUD Hue Strip
      3. Image Interpolation Bicubic
      4. Options uncheck everything except export clipboard
      5. Uncheck history log
    2. Interface
      1. Standard screen mode gray line
      2. Full screen with menus gray line
      3. Full screen black none
      4. Check show channels in color
      5. Check show menu colors
      6. Check show tool tips
      7. Uncheck auto-collapse
      8. Uncheck auto-show
      9. Unckeck open documents as tabs
      10. Uncheck enable floating document window docking
      11. UI Font size small
    3. File Handling
      1. Image previews always save
      2. File extension use lower case
      3. Save as to original folder
      4. Check prefer Adobe raw
      5. Uncheck ignore exif
      6. Check ask before saving layer tiff
      7. Maximize compatibility always
      8. Recent file list contains 30 files
    4. Performance
      1. Use 80%
      2. History states 41
      3. Cache levels 2
      4. Cache tile size 1024
      5. Scratch disks m-p
      6. Uncheck enable open gl
    5. Cursors
      1. Normal brush tip
      2. Precise
    6. Transparently and Gamut
      1. Gamut Warning 80%
    7. Units and Rulers
      1. Rules pixels
      2. Type points
      3. Width 180 points
      4. Gutter 12 points
      5. Print resolution 300 pixels / inch
      6. Screen resolution 72 pixels / inch
      7. Post Script 72 points / inch
    8. Guides Grid and Slices
      1. Grid line every 480 pixels
      2. Subdivisions 1
    9. Plug-ins
      1. uncheck additional plug-ins folder
      2. Uncheck allow extensions to connect to internet
      3. Check load extension panels
      4. Uncheck show cs line in application bar
    10. Type
      1. Uncheck use smart quotes
      2. Uncheck show Asian text options
      3. Check enable missing glyph protections
      4. Check show fonts names in English
      5. Uncheck font preview
    11. 3D
      1. Should be grayed out because open gl unchecked
  3. Edit color settings
    1. North America general purpose 2
    2. Adobe (RGB) 1998. Supports a broad range of RGB colors. Well suited to a print that will be converted to CMYK.
      1. Note: When making web or print files convert the color space to srgb for these particular files only. The web and printers are srgb spaces.
    3. U.S. Web Coated SWOP v2
    4. Gray Gamma 2.2. Default for Windows computers. Gives natural mid-range tones.
    5. Dot Gain 20%
    6. Convert to working RGB
    7. Convert to Working CMYK
    8. Convert to Working Gray
    9. Profile Mismatches
      1. Check ask when opening
      2. Uncheck ask when pasting
    10. Missing profiles
      1. Check ask when opening
    11. Engine Adobe ACE
    12. Relative Colormetric
    13. Check use black point
    14. Check use dither
    15. Check compensate for scene-refered profiles
    16. Uncheck desaturate
    17. Uncheck blend
  4. Reinstall Adobe-supplied missing add-ons (see link below)
  5. Reinstall Adobe-supplied "copy workspace from cs4" script (see link below)
  6. Run the workspace copy function.  Validate.
  7. Reinstall the master user action set from backup
  8. Assign custom keyboard shortcut key to match those used in Wacom express key setup
  9. Reinstall third path plug-ins
  10. Reinstall two scanner driver interfaces
  11. Reconfigure the raw converter settings
  12. The updater has been redone in cs5. In cs4 it was stand alone. To set update preferences and turn off automatic updates::
    1. ==> help ==> updates
    2. ==> preferences
    3. Uncheck notify me ...
    4. Uncheck everything in only show update for the following products
    5. ==> done
  13. Install patches (see link below)
  14. Test

Here the link to Adobe supplied optional plugs for Photoshop cs5

Here is the link to Adobe supplied Move actions, presets, and workspaces from Photoshop CS4 to CS5

Here is the link to the downloads page for the Photoshop product


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