Green Goes to Ground in Irvine California
by Jeffrey Sward
The Dwarf stands in a field of waist-to-shoulder-high uncut grass in a commerical district of Irvine as mandataed by the City of Irvine
The Dwarf stands in a field of waist-to-shoulder-high uncut grass in a commercial district of Irvine, as mandated by the City of Irvine

The Irvine Company, via its surrogate the City of Irvine, has decreed that all ground shall be covered with grass in Irvine, as documented in Edicts XIX and XX of the Edicts of the House of Irvine . When a commercial building has a vacant lot which is dirt, even though it is behind a tan wall, the City of Irvine will intervene, with interesting, unanticipated, and unpredictable results.

A commercial property owner in Irvine had a section of an otherwise developed property which was left as natural dirt, but behind a wooden fence colored Irivine-mandated tan. This situation was unacceptable to the City of Irvine. The City of Irvine mandated that the fence be removed, grass seed be planted, and an irrigation system installed. The property owner dutifully complied. However, the City of Irvine neglected to require that the grass be cut. The result was a field of very high grass in a commercial neighborhood. Many lawn grasses have a natural height of 18-24", as illustrated.   When grass reaches its maximum height, it will produce seeds. The commercial property owner now has the opportunity to enter the grass seed business.


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