Add Back Web Gallery to Photoshop CS4
by Jeffrey Sward

Web Photo Gallery

The ability to create a Web Photo Gallery is now available in the Adobe Bridge CS4 OutputModule. We highly recommend creating your Web Photo Galleries this way. If you would like to continue using the legacy Web Photos Gallery plug-in (WebContactSheetII), please follow these steps:

  1. From the Photoshop CS4 install disc, drop the //<language>/Goodies/Optional plug-Ins/Automate/WebContactSheetII plug-in into the //Adobe Photoshop CS4/Plugins/Automate folder
  2. From the Photoshop CS4 install disc, drop the //<language>/Goodies/Presets/Web Photo Gallery folder into the //Adobe Photoshop CS4/Presets folder and then restart Photoshop.

Note: See below for a movie demonstrating the above steps. 

Optional: To add this legacy functionality back into Bridge (as a menu item):
  1. From the Photoshop CS4 install disc, drop the //<language>/Goodies/Optional plugins/Bridge Startup Scripts/photoshop_web_contact_sheet folder and photoshop_web_contact_sheet.jsx file into following locations:
    • Mac OS: //Library/Application Support/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop/
    • Windows XP: //Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop/
    • WindowsVista: //Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4/Adobe Photoshop/
  2. Restart Bridge.

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