Photoshop Function Key to Action Assignments
by Jeffrey Sward
pf pf action ctrl pf action shift pf action cntl shift pf action pf
f2 Border and Edge Gauss Clear Guides Center Postcard Vertical Line Postcard trim lines f2
f3 Annual w1650 Annual w1050 Annual h1050 Expand and Fill f3
f4 Q4 Q4 Quick H1080 H133 f4
f5 Q5 Perspective Q5 8Bit Save Negative to Positive W133 f5
f6 W640 H640 W1200 H1200 f6
f7 Paste White 14 Paste Black 14 Paste Big Copyright 640x640 f7
f8 Transform Rotate 90 Transform Rotate Arbitrary W1080 W640 + sq f8
f9 Horizontal 5x7 Horizontal Square 5x7 Srgb and Sharpen FB 68x97 f9
f10 Vertical 5x7 Vertical Square 5x7 Srgb and Tiff and No Sharpen H640 + sq f10
f11 Save as jpg Postcard 4375x6125 Horizontal and Vertical for 16x20 Postcard 375x55 old f11
f12 Save + Save for Web Expand Selection Darken Replace Color   f12

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