American Rugged Individuals Who Made A Difference by Creating Roadside Attractions
by Jeffrey Sward
Motivation Who What
artisan Al Shepperd Stonehenge II, Hunt, Texas.  Just as unusual as original. 
artisan Albert Christensen Hole in the Rock, Moab, Utah.  At home inside a mountain. 
artisan Baldassare Forestiere Forestiere's Underground Gardens, Fresno, California.  Down under. 
artisan Bernard Langlais Skowhegan Indian, Skowhegan, Maine. 
artisan Cameron Cross Van Gogh Sunflower Painting, Goodland, Kansas.  Sunflower Capital of the High Plains. 
artisan Claude Bell Dinosaurs, Cabazon, California. 
artisan Ed Galloway Totem Poles, Foyil, Oklahoma. 
artisan Ed Leedskalnin Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida.  Furniture suite carved from solid coral. 
artisan Elise and Albert Quigley Quigley's Castle, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Ozarks' Strangest Dwelling
artisan Emmet Sullivan Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  340 tons of concrete. 
artisan Ernest Mooney Warther Warther's Carving Museum, Dover, Ohio.  Ask about the pliers. 
artisan Frances Glessner Lee Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death by Frances Glessner Lee, Baltimore, Maryland.  When dolls go bad. 
artisan Francis John Moshinskie Tiny Town, Hot Springs, Arkansas.  No kits. 
artisan Frank Stoeber Ball of Twine, Cawker City, Kansas.  In its 50th.  year and still growing. 
artisan Frank Van Zant Thunder Mountain Monument, Imlay, Nevada.  The Place Rolling Mountain Thunder built. 
artisan Gutzon Borglum Mount Rushmore National Monument, Keystone, South Dakota. 
artisan Hugh Davis Blue Whale, Catoosa, Oklahoma.  Anniversary Gift. 
artisan Ira PH Poon Forbidden Gardens, Katy Texas.  Everyone should have a terra cotta army. 
artisan Jim Reinders Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska.  Stonehenge meets Detroit. 
artisan John Zweifel House of Presidents Wax Museum, Clermont, Florida.  World's largest dollhouse. 
artisan Korczak Ziolkowski Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer, South Dakota.  Under construction. 
artisan Laurence Gieringer Roadside America Miniature Village, Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. 
artisan Leonard Knight Salvation Mountain, Niland, California.  Hello.  Make yourself at home. 
artisan Samuel Perry Dinsmoor Garden of Eden, Lucas, Kansas.  Read it, stop, or go on, just as you please. 
collector Alan Rothschild Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum, Cazenovia, New York. Preserve our national historic treasures.
collector Alex Jordan House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin. The ultimate collection of collections plus the infinity room.
collector Barney Smith Barney Smith Toilet Seat Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas. Set a spell.
collector Barry Levenson Mustard Museum, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. The bottom line: we know mustard.
collector Bill Shea Shea's Gas Station Museum, Springfield, Illinois. Fill 'er up.
collector Bob McCoy Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Quack central.
collector Cathee Shultz and JD Healy Museum of Death, Hollywood, California. Art work by serial killers?
collector Charles Manoog American Sanitary Plumbing Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts.
collector Charles Walker International Checker Hall of Fame, Petal, Mississippi. Blame King Tut.
collector Electra Havemeyer Webb Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont. Paintings, Folk Art, Historic Houses, Quilts, Decoys, Carriages, Tools, Toys, Dolls, Dollhouses, Native American Artifacts, Miniature Circus Figures and Circus Posters.
collector ER Fenimore Johnson Johnson Victrola Museum, Dover, Delaware. His master's voice.
collector Georgia Allen Woodall Lunchbox Museum, Columbus, Georgia. Take a trip back in time.
collector Glenn Johansen Museum of Dirt, Boston, Massachusetts. One scoop at a time.
collector Henry C Mercer Mercer Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Gadgets.
collector J.M. Davis J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum, Claremore, Oklahoma. 13,000 firearms. 1200 beer steins.
collector James F W May May Natural History Museum, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tropical insects.
collector J.B. Nethercutt Nethercutt Museum, Sylmar, California. Functional fine art. Automobiles, mechanical musical instruments, and antique furniture. Merle Norman Cosmetics magnate. 
collector Jennie Lee Exotic World, Helendale, California. Burlesque Museum.
collector Larry Ross Lindbergh Crate Museum, Canaan, Maine. Return trip of the Spirit of St. Louis.
collector LH Buddy Hough Tragedy in U.S. History Museum, St. Augustine, Florida. Artifacts from the demise of the rich and famous.
collector Louis Toavs Louis Toavs John Deere Tractor Museum, Wolf Point, Montana. From 1916 in chronological order.
collector Margaret Woodbury Strong Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester, New York. The National Toy Hall of Fame.
collector Marvin Yagoda Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Most magnificent.
collector Michael Bohdan Cockroach Hall of Fame, Plano, Texas. Cockroaches that will put a smile on your face.
collector Pat and Louise Mesa Frog Fantasies Museum, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
collector Robert Knapp Deer Park Winery and Automobile Museum, Escondido, California. World's largest collection of American convertibles manufactured since 1946.
collector Terry Cannon Baseball Reliquary, Monrovia, California. Rebels, rascals, and reprobates.
collector Tod Swormstedt American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio.  A sign of our times. 
collector Tom Bates Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising, Goodlettsville and Millersville, Tennessee.
collector Walden Roush West Virginia State Farm Museum, Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  Tractors, not insurance. 
collector Warren Fuller Warren Fuller Breweriana Collection, D'Iberville, Mississippi. 
collector William Randolph Hearst Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California.  Anything from Europe. 
entrepreneur Al Schafer Pedro's South of the Border, Mexican Restaurant, Dillon, South Carolina.  The sombrero tower. 
entrepreneur Alex Madonna Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California.  No two rooms alike. 
entrepreneur Bill Moon Trucking Hall of Fame, Iowa 80 Truck Stop, Walcott, Iowa.  World's largest truck stop. 
entrepreneur Bill Waugh Casa Bonita, Mexican restaurant, Denver, Colorado.  Indoor cliff divers. 
entrepreneur Bob Katz National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Hayward, Wisconsin.  The Shrine to Anglers. 
entrepreneur David DeLorme Revolving and Rotating Globe, DeLorme Headquarters, Yarmouth, Maine.  Eartha.  41 feet one 1/2 inches. 
entrepreneur David Wilson Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, California.  A chain of flowers into the mysteries of life. 
entrepreneur Dick and Julie Pope Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, Florida.  Water ski shows, Southern belles, and living fountain statue. 
entrepreneur Don Quinn Don Q Fantasuites, Dodgeville, Wisconsin.  Themed motel rooms. 
entrepreneur Fran Tate Pepe's North of the Border, Mexican restaurant.  Barrow, Alaska. 
entrepreneur Frank Redford Wigwam Motel, Rialto, California.  Cave City, Kentucky.  Holbrook, Arizona.
entrepreneur J. Norman Martin Paul Bunyan Birthplace and Statue, Bangor, Maine. 
entrepreneur Jeff McKissack Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, Houston, Texas.  A clown among uniformed mannequins. 
entrepreneur Jim Taylor Jack Rabbit Trading Post Joseph City, Arizona. Here It Is.  World's most famous Stop-N-Go market
entrepreneur John Geske Dixie Truck Stop, McLean, Illinois.  Route 66 Hall of Fame. 
entrepreneur Newton Perry Weeki Wachee, Weeki Wachee, Florida.  Live mermaids.  Where fantasy comes to life. 
entrepreneur R.J. Bob Lee Big Texan Steak Ranch Restaurant, Amarillo, Texas. Home of the free 72 oz. steak dinner.
entrepreneur Ralph Wilson Sr Wilson House of Laminates, Temple, Texas.  If it doesn't move, laminate it. 
entrepreneur Ron Lee Ron Lee's World of Clowns Factory Tour, Henderson, Nevada.  Home of Hobo Joe. 
entrepreneur Stanley Marsh Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.  Half-buried Cadillacs. 
entrepreneur Sunny Yang Florida Splendid China, Kissimmee, Florida.  Miniature great wall. 
entrepreneur Ted Hustead Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota.  Free ice water. 
entrepreneur Thomas Binkley Prince Thing, The, Between Benson and Willcox, Arizona.  Tortured statues. 
entrepreneur Will Herron Thermometer, Baker, California. 

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