Why Endowing Music Scholarships Is a Worthwhile Way to Support the Arts
by Jeffrey Sward
Financial aid to music students is a worthwhile way to support the arts.  Music students often have devoted much of their life to music before college begins.  Music students deserve personal and financial support to continue their education at the college level.  Music curriculum requires a much greater commitment of student hours than most other fields of study.  A greater commitment of time for studies exacerbates financial stress.  The college level is the first exposure of most music students to first-rate ensembles, professional level performance practices, music theory, and music history.  Most music school graduates pursue occupations outside of the arts.  Even careers outside of the arts benefit greatly from skills learned in music school, such as critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, project management, and research.
The California State University Fullerton Music School is particularly exemplary.  The California State University Fullerton Music School is fully accredited, technically sound, and offers both professional and liberal arts degrees through the masters level.  The most distinctive and meritorious aspect of the California State University Fullerton music program is the positive and supportive manner in which the faculty and students interact.  Learning and performing music with a group of equally passionate individuals in this supportive environment is an experience unequaled in most lifetimes.  The total value of the California State University Fullerton music program greatly exceeds the sum of its parts.
California Statue University Fullerton College of the Arts Financial Aid

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