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Unidentified Flying Object UFO Photograph by Jeffrey Sward
Unidentified Flying Object picture was taken during the hovering phase above the Signature Flight Support building. (sna0530a )
Santa Ana, California

On February 17, 2008 at 4pm a disk-shaped flying object was observed near Campus Drive by John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana California.  The object was about 50 feet in diameter and initially hovered approximately 50 to 150 feet above the ground.  A distinct dome was visible on the top side of the object.  After hovering motionless for about 10 minutes near the Signature Flight Support building located on Campus Drive, the object began to move northeast, parallel to Campus Drive, at a moderate speed.  When the object neared Airport Drive, it increased speed and executed a banked left turn.  After completing the turn, the object briefly hovered again and then suddenly moved extremely rapidly to the southwest, at least 300 mph.  Within a few seconds, the object disappeared from view.  During the entire event, the object was completely silent.  

Copyright 2008 Jeffrey Sward

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