Selected Examples of Photographic Style
Public speaking topic presented by Jeffrey Sward
A slide show with matching commentary.

Examples of selected photographers are shown. The stylistic and aesthetic choices of each photographer are discussed. This is a supplementary presentation to "Exploring Photographic Style," where fundamental photographic style choices are described. The intended audience includes active photographers at any level, and anyone interested in artistic choices or aesthetics.

Mirrors and Windows, John Szarkowski
Minor White
Walker Evans
Robert Frank
Garry Winogrand
Lee Freidlander
Selected Examples of Photographic Style
Diane Arbus
Eugene Atget
Ruth Bernard
Bill Brandt
Imogen Cunningham
Ralph Gibson
Horst P. Horst
Andre Kertesz
Les Krims
Jacques-Henri Latrigue
O. Winston Link
Duane Michals
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
William Mortensen
Helmut Newton
Paul Outerbridge
Bret Weston
Edward Weston
Style and the Individual Photographer
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