Public Speaking
by Jeffrey Sward

Arrange to have Jeffrey Sward address your group with observations and examples of photographic style. Presentations can be targeted to a range of audiences, from a general audience to experienced photographers. There is no fee for non-profit organizations.

Various programs are available:

Exploring Photographic Style
The major stylistic and aesthetic approaches to still photography are identified and described. Click here to view outline of exploring photographic style program.
Selected Examples of Photographic Style
Examples of selected photographers are shown. The stylistic and aesthetic choices of each photographer are discussed. Click here to view outline of selected examples of photographic style program.
Roadside Attractions
Any of the topics in the Must Visit Roadside Attractions List.
Why American Roadside Attractions Will Never Die.
Minimalism for Photographic Society of Orange County 2021.
Building Your Own Photoshop Workflow
Principles of building your own Photoshop workflow and a Photoshop workflow demonstration.
Prior Speaking Events
  • October 2012. Sitecore Symposium. Las Vegas, Nevada. Design for Complete Business User Control of All Content.
  • May 2012. Antique Automobile Club of America. San Diego, California. Car Culture and American Roadside Attractions.
  • October 2010. Society for Commercial Archeology. Odyssey in the Ozarks annual conference. Fayetteville, Arkansas. Why American Roadside Attractions Will Never Die.
  • February 2006. Huntington Beach Art League. Huntington Beach, California. Photographic Style.

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