Fran Tate
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward

Fran Tate epitomizes fierce independence, rugged individualism, and entrepreneurial creativity. Born in 1929, Fran has spent most of her adult life in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United State. Originally an oil company engineer, Fran eventually became an entrepreneur, first with a fresh water delivery company and subsequently the incredible Pepe's North of the Border Mexican Restaurant. Fran also hosts Jazz Below Zero on Barrow radio KBRW.

Pepe's North of the Border Restaurant was founded in 1978 and was completely destroyed by fire on August 31, 2013. By 2013 Fran was living in transitional care in Anchorage. In 2013 the restaurant was being run by Fran's son Mike Shults.

Check the Article on Fran Tate in the Alaska Journal.

Tbd Photograph by Jeffrey Sward
Left to right: the legendary Fran Tate, The Dwarf, Jeffrey Sward. Interior, Pepe's North of the Border restaurant, Barrow, Alaska
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