Mom's Pie House, Julian, California
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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Tbd Photograph by Jeffrey Sward
Tbd Photograph by Jeffrey Sward
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Julian, California, the little town that time forgot that the decades cannot improve, is know for its apple pie. The best of these apple pies is unquestionably found at Mom's Pie House on main street.

Mom is Anita Nichols who founded Mom's Pie House in 1984. Through a series of shrewd decisions, Mom has built apple pie merchandising into a substantial business with dozens of employees during peak season. Although privately held, Mom's is listed in the Reference USA business directory as having an estimated annual revenue of between one-half and one million dollars per year.

Mom ensures that the quality of the pies is paramount, with all pies baked on the premises each day. Pies can be purchased whole or by the slice. Particularly fine are the crumb top versions. Indoor tables are available. Check the hours locally. Mom opens when she's good and ready and closes when she's sold enough. When Mom's is usually open might be available at Mom's web site.

Julian was founded as a gold rush mining town in the late Nineteenth century. The town has survived with many of the original buildings intact. There is still at least one operating gold mine.

Julian is in an Alpine location, at approximately 4000 feet above sea level. The adjacent land has historically contained many apple orchards. Hence, the orchards built the association between Julian and apple pies. However, because of Mom's fanatical devotion to quality, most of the apples used in Mom's Pie House originate in Washington state. The source of the apples is palpable from a rudimentary inspection of delivery crates. Occasionally during the fall harvest season, local Julian apples are used. Mom herself notes that "Julian fruit is available to us, depending on the weather and the crop yield, from July to October. When we get apples from other places, it could be Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado or other parts of California."

Tbd Photograph by Jeffrey Sward Mom's Pie House has won the coveted silver cup award for food establishments of high culinary quality and road food concept.



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