Philippe Restaurant, Los Angeles, California
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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Founded in 1908, Philippe Restaurant is located in downtown Los Angeles. The French Dip Sandwich was invented at Philippe's in 1918 when when owner Philippe Mathieu accidentally dropped a French roll into hot meat juices.

Available in a variety of meats, the Philippe French Dip is extraordinary. Skip any other entree on the menu and enjoy the legendary French Dip. Sandwiches are pre-dipped rather than being served with a side of sauce. Per The Dwarf LLC, if you enjoy a fully drenched sandwich, request a double dip. The cole slaw is also excellent, and the potato salad is very good. Philippe's is always crowded, so plan accordingly. The best seating is upstairs.

Philippe Restaurant is a short walk from Union Station Los Angeles, the "Last Great Railroad Station."

Tbd Photograph by Jeffrey Sward Philippe Restaurant has won the coveted silver cup award for food establishments of high culinary quality and road food concept.

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