Pepe's North of the Border, Barrow, Alaska (1978-2013)
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward
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The most renowned restaurant in Barrow Alaska is Pepe's North of the Border. Although this restaurant is reminiscent of the slightly more well known Pedro's South of the Border in South Carolina , in fact Pepe's North of the Border is a a Seattle restaurant. Expect a wonderful restaurant as well as a delightful carnival atmosphere. North of the Border is a treasure of roadside America.

North of the Border was founded and is still run by the remarkable Fran Tate. In addition to being a restaurateur extraordinaire, Fran has also been the host of "Jazz Below Zero" on Barrow's own KBRW every Saturday afternoon for twenty years. When you stop in, look up Fran and say hello. She will be glad you came.

Pepe's North of the Border Restaurant was founded in 1978 and was completely destroyed by fire on August 31, 2013. By 2013 Fran was living in transitional care in Anchorage. In 2013 the restaurant was being run by Fran's son Mike Shults.

Pepe's North of the Border has won the coveted golden flamingo award for attractions of exceptional concept and scope.

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