The Wit and Wisdom of Samantha Brown
Tribute by Jeffrey Sward

Samantha Brown is a television personality who has hosted various shows on the travel channel. Samantha is the epitome of trite, vapid, and insipid; yet it is very inane nature of her shows which makes them compelling. Samantha Brown is the train wreck of travel shows. Just like a train wreck, Samantha Brown is hideous, chaotic, unorganized and problematic. Just like a train wreck, Samantha Brown is difficult to stop watching.

Quotations by Samantha Brown

The following are examples of the wit and wisdom of Samantha Brown taken from her tweets, travel channel blog, and Instagram.

[Columbus] had full body scanners! so excited until, they waved me thru to the normal scanner! I even asked if i could go thru. they said no.

At LGA and I got to admit -- a little disappointed that I don't get to go thru a full body scanner. Is that wrong?

Overrated romantic hotel amenity? rose petals on the bed/bath. they're sticky -- you end up finding them in the strangest places ... days later.

Coming home after a trip I'll sniff the milk in the fridge, if it's a little sour i just put it in the microwave for my tea. is that wrong?

Tumi is great and everything else has a strong "dork" factor. And I'm speaking as a fellow dork

I've always had baggage, now i have Luggage! [announcing her HSN luggage line]

[On airport full body scanners] Do I like the idea that a very graphic picture of me is being taken? Not really. But this is coming from someone who has to be in a bikini on camera and where on YouTube you’ll find a compilation of my “bikini work” which has over a million views. I’m no exhibitionist, just used to feeling slightly humiliated in public. [If Samantha Brown is not an exhibitionist, then the Pope is not Catholic]

Here's a light packing tip: 17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear. Save on baggage fees and undies! "

if u watch The Simpsons in Spain, Homer doesn't want donuts but a chuuuuuuuurrrrooo.

it's my Birthday! i bought myself a Mr. T key chain that when you press a button barks DON'T GIVE ME NO BACK TALK SUCKA! I love Mr. T.

Uh oh Fisher Price has re-released 1 of my favorite toys-The Record Player from 1971. I may have to buy it. It does say 18 months + over.

In Taipei + ate the the 100 Year Old Egg which CNN called the most disgusting food in the word. Lo + behold I thought it was quite good! Headline in Taiwan press:. "Samantha Brown defends honor of Century eggs" My work is done here.

Missed connection-bag needed to be located. Agent asked what brand. I said uhhh-its my own brand Samantha Brown. She said COOL! I agree!

Martha's Vineyard 4 charm, Santa Barbara 4 sophistication,the Fl Gulf for great deals. Culebra in P.R.beaches as :-0 as Greece!

Do you abuse electronics like me? Women who travel a relationship with a laptop is doomed from the start. They need TLC just like the rest of us.

Search and rescue mission [for small items in luggage]. 

[Waterproof luggage] for when you put your bag in a puddle. 

Clear cover so you can see what you forgot to pack. 

[Samantha showing her] private wine stash [on HSN].  Wine is important. 

For more wit and wisdom of Samantha Brown, visit her twitter page samtravels.


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